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I think you 8767 re right. The point that the author seemed to be making is when guys take it to obsession, like, it 8767 s the only thing that they have directing their lives. If you were to hold that same level of intensity about, say, lacrosse, people would probably come up and ask 8775 Dude, all you do is lacrosse, it 8767 s all you talk about, hell we 8767 re not entirely sure that you know any other topic 8776 .

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I was thinking Taylor Lautner from Twilight. No homo. But seriously, he got dissed by Kristen Stewart for that paleface Robert Pattinson. Lame.

6Signs You’re A Slave To Vagina – Return Of Kings

Quality over quantity. You learn to do the mental math when you meet a so-so piece of strange. How does the effort/annoyance involved before, during, and after a bumpin-ugly sesh balance with the sexual pleasure? It gets harder to justify going after mediocre women who can 8767 t do anything special sexually, or women who you don 8767 t connect with.

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In EE, I was introduced to these antiviral and antibacterial 8775 bullets 8776 that dissolve in the wet vagina. I wonder if something like that would help allay your concerns. I 8767 ve had a few squirters and I pondered the same.

i 8767 d say vagina (women) don 8767 t matter but women (LTR, mom, grandma, daughter, etc.) are EVERYTHING. i think this article is trying to separate those two, as it puts a lot of emphasis on the no 8767 s of casual sex, which falls into the former category

It 8767 s a good measure for life. All that tradcon bullshit of 8775 maximizing your potential 8776 has way too many fellows doing shit they are not suited for. Sure sure they still manage to do it: from studying all night in college to having a wrecked stressed out life working in a field they should not have gone into because they are not naturals for it. What did they get in the end? A list of alimony and child support bills, shitty health and a bald head, ending in diabeetus by 55 and a heart attack by 65.

In my “prime” I was doing four dates a week, four different girls. The entirety of my life’s focus was on converting those dates to same-night lays. Whether I succeeded or not is immaterial. The point to let sink in here is that my spending everything (time and money) on a chance at casual sex was scientific proof that I’d lost my way as a man.

There is no going back. The feminists say MRAs and the manosphere want to take women back to barefoot in the kitchen like the 6955s. Most of us have no desire to return to a ridged sex roles of the 6955s and prior. Women have freed themselves of any sex role and any responsibility to men. Men want to free themselves from the ridged sex roles society still wants to force on them. Men are still obligated to women even though women have no responsibility to men. They tore up the social contract but still want the goodies supplied by men. We want to tear up the whole thing. The women are fighting tooth and nail to keep men enslaved to the roles they themselves have rejected.

Some good stuff here. Just to add not enough men say the word 8775 no 8776 to women. If you have plans, a hobby, project, self improvement, etc then always follow your schedule, tell her 8775 no 8776 if she wants to break it and setup a time when you are available.

The important thing in marriage is to be ready to walk away without a second 8767 s notice. And the wife has to know this. I am not talking about Dread Game or telling her this. I am talking about your frame and living such that she knows this down in her bones. If it isn 8767 t effortless, it isn 8767 t real.