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INFJ-INTP Relationships & Compatibility: Part I

Дата публикации: 2017-11-15 02:20

With INTP (f) and INTJ (m), the confidence and maturity of each will make the difference. If the two are confident in themselves/mature, they will be fine with a more dominant female partner. I 8767 m no , just conjecture from experience and research.

INFJ-INFP Relationships & Compatibility - Personality Junkie

Then why don 8767 t you give your own perspective so other INFJ males won 8767 t feel the same frustration? INFP male here.

INTP female here. Yes, people often call me 8766 tomboy 8767 , and my INFJ boy 8766 girly 8767 . I don 8767 t understand why there is such a gender discrepancy in the representation of both types, while we are not discrepant in numbers.

The whole twin thing is also spot on, as the two of us always used to describe a very tight 8775 Force bond 8776 between us (we 8767 re both huge nerds) which made mutual love and understanding so easy and natural. It 8767 s been years now, and I 8767 ve dated other people since then, before quitting yet I still miss her to this day. Perhaps I was meant to meet her in order to experience what true love felt like, before being once again cast away into the all-too-familiar, lonely corner I usually hang around. So that I could at least say, before my ineluctable end 8775 I loved another human being down to their very soul. 8776

7) More women have a dominant F function than men, so we F function males should have a higher number of well-suited matches among females than a dominant F function woman would have among men.

likewise I think a lot of intps guys are pretty shy and lonely and it 8767 s fun to chat them up and flirt with them a bit to kind of pull them out of it. some of them really seem to want to communicate but don 8767 t do it well and it 8767 s fun and easy to help them thru this.

8) Relative to women, more societal pressure is put on men to be macho/callous/uncaring to others (pressure for T) as well as more societal pressure is put on men to be extroverted . how men are expected to take the initiative in most things (pressure for E).

When I was working 65 hours a week in the hospital (only getting paid for 95), my wife opened an envelop with a pay stub. She said loudly, 8775 This is shit! 8776 almost on the verge of shouting. Then, she felt bad about what she said, saying, 8775 Oh honey, I 8767 m so sorry. I didn 8767 t mean to insult you. 8776

INFJ wife perfect. I couldn 8767 t think of a better pairing for me. She 8767 s also a therapist. Probably some subconscious leaning there.

That said, if an INFJ and INFP couple can acknowledge these blind/weak spots, and work accordingly to counteract them, I think they have wonderful potential. Indeed, the INFJ may actually draw the INFP out of his or her shell – teaching the INFP to communicate openly, honestly, and directly – to avoid one of the INFP’s biggest pitfalls: passive aggressive behavior. Conversely, the INFP can help the INFJ to temper his or her judgments, to let go of some of the perfectionism so common to the INFJ breed in order to better enjoy the journey or process.