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Andrew M. - In regard to your remark about the resonant frequency of sulfate crystals, I gather you were referring to mechanical resonance and if so I would suggest enacting mechanical pulses such as sound or ultrasound waves rather than electric pulses. The water based medium inside the cell is perfect for conducting these waves.
I see no logic in trying to breakdown a mechanical structure with an oscillating voltage, which probably affects the cell at the chemical level.

Sulfation and How to Prevent it - Battery University

John Fetter. I agree with you. However, antimony-free effect is taken care of at the chemical level by injecting low concentrations phosphoric acid that retards corrosion conversion from Pb to PbO. This is a patented process. We take care of it at the manufacturing level.

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All- thanks for the efforts on this forum. Its supper worth it. Batteries and Motors, are the future. Not engines. I 8767 m interest in both solutions for the dead batteries all ready in existence perhaps future designs that make them better.. Dream big.

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I found the Summer issue of BEST on line - no Fall issue. Shawn, I 8767 m sorry but your presentation did not come across very well.

I have verified all the information. I would suggest that you have been delivering your oratory while standing on top of a rotten soap box.

The Number 6 performer in the NCC leisure battery tests is the Elfa Galax-E GLX-D, being 85% better than the Platinum Odyssey and 755% better performing than the next runners up.
I 8767 m curious why it is so much better, a google tells that it 8767 s a Lead-crystal battery. Further research suggests it 8767 s an AGM battery which uses Silicone Dioxide as the electrolyte and 99% pure lead plates, others say lead-calcium-selenium plates.

Lead Acid Battery 67V
Charging Current 65A
Warning Diagnostics
Indicators AC Mode, Battery mode, Fault
Audible Alarms Low Battery, Overload, Fault
Auto-Charge / Auto-Restart Yes

John Fetter- I posted cadmium being a cumulative poison not so much for you but for the internet audience who will take our comments and experiment without any research, Some clown will probably sell it on eBay as a battery cure-all without explaining its dangers. My 8775 bitter taste 8776 comment wasn 8767 t derogatory, it was pointing out that your distaste for the 8775 Medicine men desulfator salesmen 8776 was coming across loud and clear. Most of the stuff they sell is worthless and that 8767 s why I started my study. My goal of acquiring and maintaining my solar battery bank is progressing nicely and I thank you for your help with that. I will experiment with cadmium and see where that takes me. Jerry

Jack - Hardware stores sell plug-in timers that are commonly used for lamps. The old fashioned taper chargers work the best for this application.
The problem with AGM and gel is that their designs are compromises. They are not good in deep cycling, although they are often sold as such. Manufacturers will quote CC/CV figures, knowing full well they are not likely to provide long battery life.
There is a fine line between undercharging a battery and overcharging. There is no optimum plateau. The only way to maximize battery life is to take the battery well into gassing briefly, from time to time.
I realize it is not always easy to run batteries properly. One should try anyway.

John Fetter- You have been working batteries a lot longer than I. Please advise on the best methods to extend the life of the lead-calcium alloy batteries that we currently use, especially how to prevent the dreaded open circuit effect from an insulating layer that occurs. Thanks, Steel Cycler

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