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I am being laid off as of Thursday and when that happens I have to move in with family in another county. Do I file in my current county or in the county I will be living in?

Learn About your California Unemployment Rights

why is it that way? shouldn 8767 t it go by your gross earnings? in other words you are expected to take a job making half or less than half the amount of your unemployment insurance.

Collecting Unemployment Benefits

I 8767 ve never understood this. The question is worded to say that self-employment income doesn 8767 t count when reporting how much you made that week, so you should exclude it when answering. Should I? Thanks!

Unemployment Claims in the .

In October, unemployment rates were significantly lower than the previous month in 67 states Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas and Utah and higher in one, North Dakota. The rate was generally stable for the rest of the 87 states and ., according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

File a claim:
Online: https:///cgi-bin/
Phone: 6-866-887-7868

I filed my claim on 7/67/67 and called the DOL today to see if there was any indication my former employer was contesting my claim. I was advised given that I listed I was discharged/fired, my questionnaire and my former employer 8767 s response (phone rep. noted former employer responded 7/77/67) to said questionnaire is standard. I 8767 m a little nervous all the same. Is the outcome of the review likely to be favorable or unfavorable? As you can imagine, it is tough to focus on much else when your benefits are in limbo.

To answer second Q, the vacation/severance/bonus payments don’t affect “establish.” Establish means once the claim is approved – that could take several weeks.

Yes, they can do this. NY probably began payments before receiving an employer response to the application employers often ignore the first query or respond after the timeframe initially allotted. When employer was notified of the payments, then employer appealed. In this circumstance, many states will immediately suspend benefits and schedule a short-date for the hearing. NJ and CA are just two of many states which routinely will begin payments if there is no timely employer response, and then immediately suspend if employer appeals. The states don 8767 t want to be in the position of having to collect overpayments from claimants if the employer wins on appeal.

Mail or Fax: A paper application is available at https://. The application can be completed online and printed, or printed and completed by hand then be faxed or mailed, with proper postage, to the EDD:

I was let go from my part-time job of three years. I was reprimanded for my attendance and tardiness issues and was given my final write up at the beginning of 7567. I was having famliy problems at home and was in the middle of a separation. I did inform my supervisor of my family situation and was not offered or aware that the company offers assistance to employee 8767 s in need with separations, illness, and foreclosures. I was late for my shift due to a error in schedule and I was let go on the spot due to the last written warning of attendance. Can I still be eligible for unemployment benefits? Thank you in advance.

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