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Being “ dubious ” about this reporting from xa5 Tatarstan , this report explains, the xa5 Central Bank of Russia xa5 ( CBR ) began an initial investigation into banks located in xa5 Tatarstan —but whom immediately came under “ extreme ” pressure to limit this investigation by the American super-lobbyist xa5 Tony Podesta xa5 (brother of Hillary Clinton’s national presidential campaign manager xa5 John Podesta ) who xa5 “ promised ” that upon xa5 Hillary Clinton xa5 taking office once she won the presidency, all Western sanctions against Russian banks would be lifted.

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As to why xa5 Hillary Clinton xa5 and her xa5 Democrat Party xa5 needed to swindle Russian banks in the first place in order to finance themselves, this report explains, is due to what is being called a “ liquidity supernova ” erupting in the West that has seen their Central Banks (CB) buying $6 trillion of financial assets just in the first four months of 7567, which amounts to $ trillion annualized and is " the largest xa5 CB buying on record. ” (Editors note - was it gold purchasing or bond short hedging the Feds bloated $9 trillion balance sheet before it eats them up due to the new trend of rapidly rising interest rates - or both?) xa5

One World Government

Confirming the MoD’s initial assessment of xa5 this illegal and unprovoked attack by the US on a sovereign nation it is not at war with , this report continues, the Syrian Army Command, likewise, reported:

Bilderberg group gathers in Virginia to mull Trump era

How the history books describe the beginning will depend on how it ends. How it ends will depend on how the public reacts to the shock waves to come. This cannot be predicted, but it can be influenced.

The most important “ observable ” military leaders appointed by President Trump to fight the “ Deep State ”, this report details, are xa5 General James Mattis, xa5 who now heads the Pentagon, xa5 General John Kelly , xa5 who now heads the Department of Homeland Security, former xa5 US Navy SEAL Ryan Zinke , who now leads the Department of Interior, and former xa5 US Army officer Mike Pompeo , xa5 who now heads the CIA.

With Special Counsel Muller being in charge of preventing the coup against President Trump , this report details, he allowed George Papadopoulos to remain free in order to use him as an “ informant ”—and who was sent to London to meet with MI6 operative Christopher Steele who had created the “ Russian Dossier ” for Fusion GPS —but with Papadopoulos being secretly arrested at Dulles International Airport , in Washington . , upon his return on 77 July 7567.

Does he strike you as the kind of guy who would promote a story on a right-wing article if it were 655% true? xa5 But still, this is the “unbiased” source 65 Minutes chose to Minutes then spoke with Phil Howard, who “leads the Internet Institute at the University of Oxford which examines misinformation on social media,” and notably stated the following:

One of the Russian banks frequently used by xa5 Hillary Clinton , her husband former xa5 President Bill Clinton , and her criminal associates, this report continues, was xa5 Tatfondbank xa5 and its smaller affiliated xa5 Intekhbank PJSC —both located in xa5 Tatarstan. xa5

The reason this is so, this report explains, is due to what is called xa5 cost-sharing reduction payments xa5 (CSR’s) that the Obama regime used to pay insurance companies to subsidize their quickly failing nationalized health plan—and that xa5 President Obama had to pay for by stealing billons-of-dollars from his nations mortgage loan providers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac whose investors he defrauded . xa5

The national debt is approaching $76 trillion dollars and remember, the US government only takes in $7 trillion dollars per year.