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The downside to the delete queue is it doesn’t provide links to unsubscribe pages for all websites you’re signed up for. Only big, known websites have delete links (. Yelp, Apple, Digg).

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Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a list of websites that are “awaiting decision.” You have to go one by one, selecting which you want to save and which you want to put in a “Delete queue.” The links you put in the delete queue will be placed on a different list with a link to the website’s unsubscribe page. If you click the link, you’ll be redirected to that website so you can delete your account.

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Using is simple. All you have to do is go to and sign in with either your Google or Outlook account. If you’re already logged in to either on your browser, you won’t have to input any username or password. You’ll just be redirected to another page so you can grant access to the web app. (If you’re at all nervous, I recommend looking at the site’s Privacy Policy.)

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So, if you’re looking to clean up your existence online by closing a bunch of online accounts, this seems like a pretty safe bet.

By this point in Shopgirl , we know Mirabelle is sad, shy, and lonely, which makes her advice either suspect or authoritative. And you just know Steve Martin must have tried this one in real life. (I never have, but I saved it just in case.)

“First, it must be partially true. Second, it must make the hearer feel sorry for you, and third, it must be embarrassing to tell,” says Mirabelle.

One of my favorite psychological tricks comes from a novella by comedian Steve Martin, Shopgirl. It’s a guide to telling lies. There are three essential qualities to an effective lie, says the protagonist Mirabelle at a party:

“It must be partially true to be believable. If you arouse sympathy you’re much more likely to get what you want, and if it’s embarrassing to tell, you’re less likely to be questioned.”

What’s the best life hack you’ve found in a movie, a novel, a TV show, or a fictional story from any medium? (Props to anyone who’s gotten life advice from a limerick.) Tell us in the comments and we’ll share the best ones.

Now, I know that many of us are concerned about privacy—especially after it was revealed that was collecting user’s personal data. But doesn’t collect your private data or send it to the cloud, according to its developers.