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Um, I m into costuming and shop at a mall store? Which kind of goes to show that your initial judgments of people might be a bit skewed.

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If the image they have of virgins is something awful and then some perfectly reasonable and ordinary person they know and respect says casually hey, I m a virgin, why on earth wouldn t that have the same chance of making people rethink their perspective?

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Given the quality of our Chinese food here, I would have to endorse your policy. Mexican tends to be edible but not spicy, and stay very, very far away from the sushi.

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Personally I really like the feel of stubble. I know it irritates some people s skin, but I find it very manly and have never had a problem with it. So don t discount it.

This seems like a good way to avoid the situation, but will reveal even more than saying the truth outright. Statements don t exist only in their literal meaning, but also in what they imply in conversation.

It doesn t sound strange to fight oil with oil that s what you re doing with Castile soap, after all. Castile soap: soap made in Castile, Spain from olive oil!

I think there s an element of objecting to looking like a lot of the people you grew up hating too. You don t want to look like someone you don t like, even if it is stylish or fashionable.

That being said, a nicely trimmed 6   beard can help strengthen and add definition to an otherwise weak jawline. Keep it short and neat and for  fuck 8767 s sake don 8767 t let it grow into neckbeard territory. Shave your neck your beard should stop just under your jaw line not so close that you look overly groomed but not so far that you look like you spend all your time in your mother 8767 s basement running 75 man raids in World of Warcraft.

I had an ex who never wanted to cut his hair because he thought it would make him look old. But he never GROOMED his hair properly and it was a horrible, snarled mess. The fact that his hair was dry and fine and broke easily didn t help matters at all.

(This, I might add, gets much more important the older you get when you start losing hair on your head, you start gaining it  everywhere else.)