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We re giving you examples about lying, and why you it s not fair to tell people that they don t get to care about something. Frankly, it s hard to pick other examples with you, because you ve made it clear that you don t have many requirements for a sexual partner.

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I was not one of the down-voters, but I echo Mel s sentiments. I m a little put-off by the amount our culture is coming to moralize food. as if the food you put in your body somehow says something about your character or your values (which is strongly linked to the idea that body shape somehow equals specific character traits.) I think THAT is the attitude people are responding negatively to in your post.

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There s something wrong with you if you ve gotten to the age of mature adult and think of sex in terms of a video game achievement metaphor.

Some cities are more laid back than others. I hear that West Coast cities tend to be pretty chill, so you re on the right side of the continent for that.

So maybe you went to Brandeis, maybe you didn t. Don t know, don t care. I do know, however, that you don t appear to have much that s worthwhile to say.

And ya know, the fact that you guys are equating virginity to things like statutory infidelity, and I don t know what you call infecting someone with an STD, but I m sure there s degrees of assault to it it tells me that yes, it is a much bigger deal than you guys are letting on, and yes, I shouldn t be honest about it.

I actually *hate* novelty facial hair, but I ve known a couple of guys who suddenly grew it, then got more dates / a girlfriend. It was never the carefully trimmed or sculptured kind of stuff, it was mostly just some scruff.

Personally, I would take a bald guy over a guy with long hair in a ponytail any day. I can t stand hair longer than chin-length (I like the tousled surfer look a la Brandon Boyd) on men.

Cut out processed foods entirely. If your dinner involves ingredients you can 8767 t pronounce, never mind find on its own at the grocery store, you 8767 re eating crap that should never be put in your body. This includes high-fructose corn syrup: that shit is in  everything.

Thinking on it, it s not so much instruction or training that s needed (but I d be completely fine playing that role too) as it is not blowing the load early and having a bit of leeway when it comes to something awkard mechanically going on