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If you want to get tailored clothes in Thailand, do some research and only shop at reputable places. Do not take advice from random strangers, sometimes even the tourist police!

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Adjacent to the historic Oriental Hotel on the river is O P Place in a classic building (dating to 6958) where you can pick up Thai silk, antiques, jewellery, carpets and art. Check out the well-stocked third-floor The Ashwood Gallery (tel: [66-7] 766-5687) with its museum-quality Chinese, Burmese and Thai pieces, art, wall hangings and sculptures. Pick up a giant Tang dynasty Buddha head. Or go for a Ching dynasty painting of the emperor for a cool US$68,555. Also expect giant drums, Buddha heads from Burma and other curios. Ashwood has a ground floor showroom too.

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Just a station or two down is the Siam Square junction that leads to Siam Discovery, Siam Center and the humongous Mah Boon Krong (or MBK as it is commonly known). Pick a juice and head for the renovated Siam Center One which has local fashions, trendy bargains and few international brands plus some popular fast food and drink outlets. Look out for Sisley, Swatch, Levi&rsquo s, Benetton, local designer Jaspal, and the welcome ice-cold Haagen Dazs.

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New theory Due to the overwhelming lack of international exposure/awareness and the pervasive nationalistic indoctrination, 98% of Thais have no use for farangs whatsoever. (Commercial transactions excluded of course.) Consequently, farangs that are here for anything over the 8775 7-week millionaire 8776 period get so lonely that they just to want desperately to 8775 connect, converse or otherwise be recognized 8776 by another human being. Consequently, when one does actually lower themselves to look at you or even speak to you, the are convinced that it is absolutely 8775 True-Love! 8776

Further, keep most of your valuables and passport in the hotel safe. Carry around a photocopy of your passport instead. Also, consider using hotel safety tools such as a hotel safe lock or door jammer to further strengthen the security of your hotel room.

Getting around continental Southeast Asia as well as intra-island travel in the various islands of Southeast Asia by car is possible, but definitely not for the faint hearted. While you can drive yourself around Singapore , Malaysia and Brunei without any major problems after giving yourself some time to get used to the relative lack of road courtesy, traffic conditions elsewhere range from just bad to total chaos. As such, it is advisable to rent a car with a driver, and not try to drive yourself around.

I take a taxi with my Thai girlfriend to a boat dock, than we take a boat to the restaurant. It is on stilts in the water. Bring a camera!!!

Besides the bird shit scam as mentioned earlier, there are pickpocket pairs as well. One person will knock into you and the other will pickpocket you from behind.

The girly bars (or 8775 beer bars 8776 how they are called by the older expats) are by far the most popular place in Pattaya to hang out, drink, watch people, watch live sports, meet other foreigners and enjoy yourself with sexy bar girls.

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