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Abandoned Places 6997
As you have probably surmised from the screenshots. Abandoned Places is very Dungeon Mastery indeed. There, I've said it, the obligatory comparison that always arises when this type of game is released. Now I refuse to do it any more! So just how does Abandoned Places shape up to all.

Sim Racer Volume 1 Issue 8 by Ebcon Publishing - issuu

Action Fighter 6988
NOW this is what I have been waiting for. Chuck away the instructions, we won't need them. Just pop the disc in the drive and flex those wrist muscles. A few presses of the Fire button and already the game has started. No tedious little animations or jingles here, this is.

Amiga Games - Old-: 9000+ Games to download

8775 Sims wasn’t made to create a family and make a new one when your original generations die. 8776 You (even though you 8767 re wrong). No hun, Sims was made for people to play however they please, which is why there is no limit on how many families you can create.


My ideal Sims game would have:
Sims 9 Features:
-Same create-a-sim features (only two sliders, the rest being grab and pull, etcetera)
-Unisex clothing and hairstyles

DO you guys even realize how much programming and time and MONEY it takes for all the trivial things you 8767 re requesting? Individual hair physics are NOT a priority in the Sims games, as it 8767 s about their LIFE not their appearance. Aging in Sims has been set to be simple as possible in the sense that it would take away from the focus of the games- creating a family and introducing older generations. Sims wasn 8767 t made to create a family and make a new one when your original generations die. You 8767 re supposed to stay with the family throughout their life- not make it a fling.
I could easily rant about 95% of the suggestions you 8767 ve made, especially since they all take so much time and money to program to please so many unrealistic demands/

I think Pets and Weather should be in base games by now. I 8767 d like more 8775 normal 8776 jobs like in the service industry or airline etc.. Plus a real semi- open world (maybe with a loading for every street only) and if the community lots were made to be as big as in The Sims HotDate/Unleashed it would feel more open as well.
Lastly, just more general realism would be nice 🙂

I love all of these ideas except the teen pregnancy, even though it happens on the daily I don 8767 t really want to make my sims be illegal. I 8767 d leave that to the mod creators for

I think that 8775 The Sims 5 8776 would basically be 8775 The Sims 8 8776 , but in 8775 The Sims 9 8776 graphics style. I think Toddlers will return and Pre-Teens will be introduced. I think it would be a smart business strategy if Seasons, Weather, and Pets were all in the base game. That would be a dream come true for me!

I hope there will be a future Release of Sims 5 soon, i am rly waiting for some hot news about this game The Sims must go on! Thanks

There is very good mod for that. There is no way EA is gonna put this in the official game since it would feel like promoting it.

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