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Now here s what s really going to kill you. The only time I did lose weight? I wasn t exercising *at all.* I was stuffing my face with chocolate cake and cheeseburgers daily. I lost 65-65 pounds in 7 months. Hurray major depressive episode! Oh no, wait, whoops, I forgot brain chemistry and body composition is as simple as calories in, calories out! My bad!

The New (And Impossible) Standards of Male Beauty - Paging

However, I now understand why so many people became so attached to that word: if I won 8767 t use it, they think it means I think that sexism, racism, and homophobia don 8767 t exist, rather than just that I think people fixated on a really bad way to talk about these problems.

Microsoft Again Stretches Definition Of 'Exclusive' - Kotaku

Chelsey, please take a close look at what you 8767 ve said there.
You 8767 ve left no room for disagreement with any statement of your ideology. In fact, you 8767 ve labeled any dissent 8775 hate speech 8776 right off the bat.

10 Signs You Might Be A Cuckservative – Return Of Kings

How do you come up with that conclusion exactly? There are thinner statues from that time out there of animals and men. There are delicate careful details carved like fingers and wrists. Now you re just making stuff up, sorry.

She is just an innocent victim of consequence-less behaviour and attraction to bad boys. She can 8767 t be held responsible for anything she does.

Seconded. The more I try, the more I feel like I m failing. I think I really hate getting my appearance rated at all.

Have you considered that social isolation *is* gendered? That is to say, that, by virtue of their gender, men (nerdy or otherwise) are more likely to be socially isolated, less likely to experience platonic touch, and have more difficulty accessing safe spaces where they may vent and process emotionally?

But attractiveness isn 8767 t about  looks   or impossible standards of male beauty. It 8767 s a  matrix   it 8767 s in how you act , in how you dress , in how you make others  feel . It 8767 s in loving  yourself,  no matter whether you look like Zack Effron or Seth Rogen.

The point was that these are difficult problems, but they have existed to a greater or lesser extent in every culture. Imperial China, since you mention it, had serious issues with anorexia, more so than the West.

I think you 8767 re being uncharitable. Alexander 8767 s entire post involved a deconstruction of Laurie Penny 8767 s article. He starts off every other section by blockquoting it. And he chose to focus on Penny 8767 s article because it was so humane compared to the median. How do you miss something like that? Here 8767 s the blockquote data by section.

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