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christmas used to be good. back when the entire season, at least at my house, lasted only two to three weeks. now it 8767 s two fucking months and I 8767 m tired of it long before the day arrives

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A City Doesn 8767 t Suck Just Because You 8767 re Stupid | VICE Canada: http:///en_ca/read/a-city-doesnt-suck-just-because-youre-stupid

Minecraft Player Builds Punching, Shooting Version Of

The High Court of Australia last week essentially ruled that binding prenuptial agreements aren 8767 t binding if there 8767 s some sort of leverage or pressure involved.

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Oh this is way to serious for me about NOTHING. No really I got into this post thinking I was being trolled and I 8767 ve read it for the long haul and now I 8767 m falling asleep. Its the same thing over and over and over and over. ITS LIKE WORKING RETAIL IN OREGON. SOMEONE SAY SOMETHING OFF SUBJECT.

7) That picture was taken while I was hitchhiking, less than a week after I 8767 d been digging ditches in the North Dakota oil basin. If you actually think I dress like that all the time, you 8767 re insane.

Well said. But I say Creepy Old Guy (and People with nothing to hide ) with mordantly ironic tongue firmly planted in cheek

like bank tellers. Blax 8767 s exchange would be welcomed by my wife, because he knows what he 8767 s doing and he 8767 s making her day a little bit more fun and most importantly she can fucking RELAX around dialed in guys like him.

This last sentiment hit me especially hard. Long story short: I moved recently and have been trolling the web for fresh meat. Found out about 8775 seeking arrangements 8776 every girl in my new town in on this site. Every girl I 8767 ve hooked up with. Every woman I work with. Every girl I 8767 ve ever been introduced to through friends. And all the girls online that I never scored with, but still recognize, are on this site. Plus thousands of others from the surrounding areas (my town is isolated so it 8767 s relatively easy to filter for). I can 8767 t stop thinking about it. I can 8767 t stop the tape in my head from replaying, 8775 every woman is a whore. 8776 It 8767 s a little sickening but with evidence like this I mean What else am I to think?

The #metoo bullshit is just so precious. My step daughter was a huge cock hound when she was a teenager. I had to nail her bedroom window shut so she wouldn 8767 t sneak out to fuck her boyfriends. When the #metoo shit started up, she was front and center on her FB page, blaming everyone but herself for her lack of sexual self control when she was a teenager.

Go back to the East coast, if you 8767 re that unhappy. I mean, or you could whine about it online like an asshat. Your choice.

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