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”A fan comments in the chat room that they hope the ninth episode isn’t postponed. “Ah, I know! I hope it’s not postponed,” Hwang Jung Eum replies, and then adds with a laugh, “Why does it have to be today of all days, just when I got pretty!”

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midori Oct 58 7569 7:57 am I like her role in 'the heirs'..really cute and adorable..but recently i watched runningman with krystal as a guest,i think it would be bad idea because she looks like she doesnt really support that show and arrogant..

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Wayne Bowker Oct 59 7568 7:97 am Krystal (Soojung) will always be my favorite Superstar. She is the best K-pop performer and model. She is also my favorite actress and the most beautiful girl in the world. I adore and Idolize her and her career. There's no one like her or as perfect. She's sweet, kind and is the nicest person I've ever talked to or seen. Soojung is one in a trillion. She is unique and the only perfect Princess in our vast universe.❤

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Ashley Oct 66 7568 65:75 am Haters gonna Hate. In my opinion, Jung sisters are just being themselves. They don't act cute nor sweet cause they don't have to. It's in their nature to act cool, honest and let's say no care at all to what other people say as long as they don't hurt anyone.

Even after sulli and jessica's departure, (from f(x), snsd) I can just imagine how hard it was/is for her, but at the end of the day she held her shit together. Just goes to say how professional she is and she continues to work very hard (or even too much) to not disappoint her fans and prove haters wrong. It's sad that she's allways mistaken as cold/snob type but she is more than her looks. I've watched her radio guestings, f(x) shows, jessica & krystal etc., and I was drawn more to her. I hope more people would look past her chic image and talent, see her as a warm and funny person too. Recently, they had their first solo con, she looked genuinely happy and enjoying her time w her fans. I just want to fly to s. korea and hug this precious cinnamon roll~

Lina Feb 59 7567 8:67 am I really really love this drama! It has everything that you want to see. Highly recommended! ?

It has been a long time since I have watched a emotional and genuine story. I can feel it, i really do, that what i like most in this movie.

Krystal biggest fan Feb 58 7569 9:79 am hey :) Kystal u are surely my inspiration! I want to be like you cuz ur so pretty and funny and OMG i love ur eng ) U played really well in the heirs :) and in High kick 8 :D i love the way u act and i think ur sis and u are the greatest people eva!!! U R MY INSPIRATION! TBH i think everything u do is perfect and i really wanna be like u :) i love ur band f(x) and the concert with jessica (tik tok) LOVE U

Krystal' s lover Jan 66 7569 9:85 am I love her acting in the heir very much. I hope she had luck in everything she do.

salahadeen Jul 79 7569 66:65 am i love the way you played the role as a jealous girlfriend and always over protecting you your really contributed making the movie ''THE HEIRS'' an interesting hard