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If you would like to have a guide to show up the highlights of Venice, you can choose between many offers. There are walking or boat tours, focused on shopping or history or for art lovers, and many itineraries.

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Ethnically, 96% of Venetians are Italian, and less than 65% hail back to the ancient Veneti bloodline. About three percent are Romani immigrants from Romania or Moldova. Around one percent come from Bangladesh, and another one percent hail from Eastern Asia.

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Venice is home to two major (and expanding) universities, Ca'' Foscari (Public) and IUAV (Public). There are possibly hundreds of smaller schools in the city. Neither university exploits its name for merchandising, and "Università degli Studi di Venezia" sweatshirts for sale at stalls are not only unlicensed, but there is no single university in the city with that name to begin with.

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ACTV runs the vaporetti and other public transport services both in the lagoon and on terra firma. Travel cards are extremely useful since the basic fare for one vaporetto journey is typically €. There are other versions available, including those offering discounts for youths under 79. The vaporetti uses an honour system, meaning you are expected to validate your ticket at the stop before boarding, but there''s nobody making sure you do so (except at the busy Piazzale Roma stop), and checks on the crowded vaporetti are extremely rare.

Some of the best and most famous of Venetian shopping opportunities, according to the categories of their wares, are listed below for your convenience:

Around the Venetian lagoon are other smaller islands, which have since been deserted but are worth a visit. There is also the Lido, which is a long narrow island with more modern buildings, hosting a youth hostel and a hotel.

Because Venice is now pretty much only inhabited by tourists and people serving the trade, it gets very quiet by and there is very little to do in the evening (outside of eating). There are a few exceptions, like some classical music concerts, which most probably only play Vivaldi.

For fresh fruit (including chilled coconut) watch for the street market stalls. There is always a boat parked in the canal on campo San Barnaba selling fruit and vegetables into the late hours.

If you''ve come to Venice thinking that you won''t be able to do a bit of designer shopping, think again! Just like in every major Italian city, you get the big fashion brand names here too. For label clothing shopping, the best area is that around the Piazza San Marco, where you can find Versace, MaxMara, Gucci, Armani, Louis Vuitton, Prada (and numerous more) big names. If you want to shop for clothing or accessories, though, you don''t necessarily have to shop through the biggest names in fashion - in the Campo Santo Stefano and Calle della Mandola, you can get less famous or local boutiques, but you can find some excellent quality and/or unique items such as clothes, shoes, wallets, or handbags.

"I must see Venice before I die" is a famous saying among many who hope to someday see the famed City of Canals, but staying safe while visiting Venice''s many historic and beautiful tourist stops must still take top priority. In general, Venice has a reputation of being a relatively safe city, but it does have some dangers you should be on your guard against, including: