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Дата публикации: 2017-12-07 17:41

In Istanbul, Turkey, a group of cruel school aged children decided to pick on a stray pup wandering the streets, by dunking him in a pool of glue, and then dragging him through the mud so that things would stick to him. They did this without any clear motive, and just for the “fun of it” as some witnesses told the rescue group He’Art of Rescue , who stepped in to help the poor street dog. The dog was in serious bad shape, as the glue became like a second skin, sticking to his skin like cement.

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The weight of the glue, and the debris that amassed from sticking to him, caused great difficulty for him to walk. The glue prevented the pup from having efficient blood flow throughout his body, in addition to the agonizing pain of having debris stuck into his skin.