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In modern times, the reason that Whites falsely claim that they originated in Europe is likely embarrassment. They did not discover definitive evidence of their Asian origins until the early 6955s. (Even though the Archeological finds of the previous century should have given them a clue: all the ancient skeletons found in Europe were of Black people - To date, absolutely NO ancient White skeletons have ever been found in Europe - (pre 6,755 .). Whereas skeletons of ancient Africans - Not Neanderthals, Not Cro-Magnons - but Modern Man Africans (Homo-sapiens) are found all over the place in Europe, Some from as early as 95,555 . Bog Mummies have also been found in Europe, the oldest being about 65,555 years old But the oldest White Bog mummies are only from the iron age.

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7. Compare and contrast the resolutions of World War I and World War II.  Consider the following:
    Peace agreements – major players, ideology, geographic boundaries
    Economic/political effects
    Role in creating future confrontation

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“There are no alternative explanations” to human industrial activity being the cause, it adds, and “no natural cycles are found in the observational record that can explain the observed changes in climate.”

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67. Compare and contrast the independence struggles of Africa.  Why were some nations more successful than others in diversifying their economies, developing a stable political system, and social equality?

The most obvious next step was to make a stock but, because I’m a bit of a creep, I decided to take things a step further and clean the skull so that I could proudly display it in my creepy little apartment.

When Aegyptus and his fifty sons arrived to take the Danaides, Danaus gave them, to spare the Argives the pain of a battle. However, he instructed his daughters to kill their husbands on their wedding night. Forty-nine followed through: they buried the heads of their bridegrooms in Lerna but one, Hypermnestra (or Amymone, the blameless Danaid) refused because her husband, Lynceus, honored her wish to remain a virgin. Danaus was angry with his disobedient daughter and threw her to the Argive courts. Aphrodite intervened and saved her. Lynceus and Hypermnestra then began a dynasty of Argive kings (the Danaan Dynasty).

A sacred precinct near the shore in Argos. Several statues of the gods can be seen, as well as a large altar. As the play opens, DANAUS, and his fifty daughters, the maidens who compose the CHORUS, enter. Their costumes have an oriental richness about them not characteristic of the strictly Greek. They carry also the wands of suppliants. The CHORUS is singing.

This glossary contains vocabulary words for World History sorted alphabetically. These glossary terms, along with the World History outlines , vocabulary terms , unit notes , topic notes , study questions , regional outlines , and glossary terms will help you prepare for the AP World History exam.

In 676 . Zhang Qian reports that although the states from Dayuan west to Anxi (Parthia), speak rather different languages, their customs are generally similar and their languages mutually intelligible. The men have deep-set eyes and profuse beards and whiskers. They are skilful at commerce and will haggle over a fraction of a cent. Women are held in great respect, and the men make decisions on the advice of their women.

In Homer''s Iliad, Danaans ( tribe of Danaus ) and Argives commonly designate the Greek forces opposed to the Trojans. (Troy was the Greek name for the Hattie city of Wilusa, on the northern coast of Anatolia).

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