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Mallam Bashari Umaru:
I would like (you), as a Minister of Land and Survey, to revoke forthwith all Certificates of Occupancy from the hands of the Ibos resident in the Region… (Applause)

Multiple dead as gunman opens fire in a Nigerian church

Not done, he added thus: “I have seen it all, I want to die and have some rest. The only thing I want now is for the government to take care of my children, educate them and don’t allow them to become criminals.  I have begged Abba Kyari, to do this for me and he assured me that the Lagos State government would take them to an orphanage home where they would grow to become better persons in the society. I have been diagnosed with Colon Cancer and I wish could die now”.

Contact PIL - PIL - Pacific International Lines Nigeria

We didn’t allow visitors to visit our house for any reason.  If she must receive any visitor, I usually ask her to take them to a hotel. But a few days before I was arrested she discovered I was worried and restless. My blood pressure went very high and she asked what was happening.

Houses for Sale in Ikoyi, Lagos - Nigerian Real Estate

7567-5658    Flood and landslides Sri Lanka
7567-5655    Floods Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
7567-5757    Floods Brazil
7565-9766 Drought South Africa

None existent country? When last did you take your medication.
Kanu told you about UN Charter and you swallowed it hook, line and sinker. When last did you hear the UN enforce referendum on any nation not at war? Go on start the war? after the destructions then you go to the peace meeting and invite the UN. That 8767 s the only option since you loath democratic dialogue and enjoy preaching ethnic hate.
Do you know the processes of securing a UN resolution to give rise to a negotiated referendum?
What alliances have you forged to ensure it dosent end as another Aburi accord?
Christ!!! I have great respect for Igbo intellectuals, but it appears they left many out. Its not only the Hausa Fulani 8767 s that have a large ignorant population.

UBA Building
Nnewi, Anambra State
595 85765865, 595 95977655

I grew up in a very large house on Dunbar Creek. We regularly heard bizarre sounds in and around that house, including chains. We heard it, visitors hear it. There 8767 s no doubt in my mind that Igbo Landing is 655% real.

Millennium Builder's Plaza,
Opposite NNPC Towers, Central Business District, Abuja.

7567-5575    Avalanche Pakistan
7567-5576    Avalanche Nuristan province, Afghanistan
7567-5577    Avalanche Badakhstan province, Afghanistan

Without warning, something hard struck him on the back of the head. He crashed to the ground, his head throbbing with pain. As he tried to get up, he was struck again across the face, this time by something that felt like a fist. He could hear excited voices swarming around him. Then two strong men lifted him to his feet, holding his arms behind his back. Too delirious to fight, Oba offered little resistance as the men tied him up tightly in a grass rope and shackled his ankles and neck.

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