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With Biafra, Igbo’ll remain in Nigeria, says Nnamdi Kanu

Дата публикации: 2017-11-15 07:17

Kanu election will hold in Anambra in November there will be more turn out than imagine we are Anambrarians not ebonyi or Abia after November you will eat you shorts and if your Abakiliki and Nsuka boys cause any problem that when you will turn the table

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Kanu has wasted everybody 8767 s and his time all this while. So, all he wanted all along was a name change from South east to Biafra and all status quo should remain ?

Britain has not left the EU! Not quite yet, stupid! Someone should please educate the misinformed Igbo Dumbo Nnamdi Kanu and his gang of illiterate followers.

Truly , the desperacy to retain control of free Niger delta oil has made you confused and mad to the extent you now desperately 8775 love 8776 an 8775 unlovable 8776 igbo. Parasitic idiots!

So you want me to detail you one by one ,Just bear in mind Biafra is not Kanu and Kanu is not Biafra,Kanu is just an individual ok,so we are ever prepared ,fear not

Whether Biafra will be a hell is non of your business, don 8767 t take panadol In another man 8767 s head. We are republican in nature go and read your history you will know that Igbo man is republican in nature, we allows diverse views but I know why I questioned that idiot Igboness cos his argument is baseless, how could an Igbo man say Igbo living outside Igbo home land is more populated than than Igbo living in their home land? How can you reconcile that? Was Igbo land destroyed like the Israelites? We want referendum so that those Igbo who are against a peaceful independent Biafra will vote No then those insupport vote YES so infatuated the end the NO have it we will abide by their decision. That guy is not Igbo I know him.

However, you need to know that your position is irrelevant in biafra struggle. The biafrans are 655% behind kanu. You yorofraud and almajiri e-rats can talk from now to eternity, it won 8767 t change the people 8767 s resolve for biafra independence.

Bola Ige was in charge of MKO Abiola Security, as soon as General Abacha died, Abdulsalami made him Liaison Officer to Abiola who was in custody.
Among other People, Pa Adesanya, Bola Tinubu, Wole Soyinka, Bola Ige and others were those behind NADECO and Radio Kudirat.

No far from oil. What has oil done for ordinary Nigerians or Nigeria as a country. I 8767 m a proponent of diversification. A tribal war or civil war in and around Nigeria will spill and snow ball in every direction. Can you wait and withstand war? May be you are one of the illiterates following this fella you are clearly not thinking. Intelligence isn 8767 t when you have access to the internet and knowing how to type. It 8767 s when you know how how to think through a process and still get good result.

That 8767 s not bad. I 8767 ve not made up my mind whether or not regional break is a good idea. Its looking that way because of deep segregation on the basis of religion and ethnicity.