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Theophilus, please remove the word 8766 impeccable 8776 , then your writing may make sense. How can you call deliberately distorted personal opinion an impeccable comment. We know those who love Nigeria with their vociferous comments. The Ezeifes, the Femi Falanas, the Bala Usmans, Balarabes, Soyinkas are still alive, please dont insult them.
Achebe is not in their realm with illresearched, secessionist, bigotted superiority complex of Hitler illusions he consistently portrays.

Why Nigerians hate Igbo, by Chinua Achebe - The Nation Nigeria

8775 One word now describes the policy of the Nigerian military government towards Biafra:- genocide. It is ugly and extreme but it is the only word which fits Nigeria 8767 s decision to stop the International Committee of the red Cross, and other relief agencies, from flying food to Biafra , 8776 The Nazis had ressurrected just here as Nigerian forces,
Washington Post (editorial) July 7, 6969

Ibo Landing : Ghost Stories, Myths, Legends & Folktales

The boat finally came to rest on a bluff near the end of the creek. The plank was gently lowered and, one by one, the terrified Ibos were marched into the black night, their ankles shackled together. They shivered as the cold, muddy soil of this alien land squished under their bare feet.

this story is fictional, even though it re-enacts a true story. i am igbo, and we believe that creation began with the creation of oji, (black man), the 6st king of the world. it is the mythological origin of man, until his brothers, ododo (red man- asian man) and edo (white man- european) became jealous and employed witchcraft to harass oji trying to steal the sceptre chukwu(god) gave him. oji had to run away into the jungles where he hibernated, giving way for ododo and ocha to move ahead in advancement.
the igbo as u can see is an essence of nobility and power as the story portrays. however, very soon, i 8767 ll be able to give u that quite intriguing story of the betrayal of the blacks by the other races. then u will know why it seems as if blacks are backward. NDEEWO NU!

Some Ibos attempted suicide by rubbing their wrists against their shackles until they bled to death. Others thought of mutiny, but were terrified of being severely beaten.

POINT SEVEN I am now convinced that one Nigeria is the only
solution to peace. I also call upon you Mr. Ojukwu to allow your
starving people to be fed. Their well-being is of deep concern to me
as well as other right thinking people of the world. Your acting in the
utmost haste in this matter is in my opinion the first step toward
any lasting peace in your country.

It is quite ironic that embers of hatred and distrust is being encouraged between the Igbos and Yorubas. A lot of Igbo business concerns are thriving in the SouthWest without molestation and senseless killings a lot of inter-marriages have also occurred between these two. So I find it difficult why there should be so much animosity between this two.
This is quite ironic!

Gentleman you don 8767 t know your problem, I have the feeling that the purpose of this platform is been abused with lack of intellectual prowess. We should be discussing how Nigeria can be great again and other national issues of interest and not superiority of part of Nigeria is important is only a matter of to appreciate our uniqueness and harness. Every literary work of art has spirit and substance read deeper before reacting if you have issues with the work, you can criticize constructively. May God grant us wisdom!

OGOGORO has damaged your brain. In Nigeria, its a historical fact that Ibos has no history. Probably the only group in Nigeria with that label. As usual, Ibos are fabricating history. You are already claiming to be descendant of Lord Jesus . of God. CRAZY MORONS.

If Kaye were God .. the Igbos would have .???????????????????????????????? Extreme bitterness!! I am happy that you are not the be all and end all.