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From what I see, the best cure for situations like that is a community that consists mostly of 8775 intelligent-awkward 8776 people (like the math department of my undergraduate institution) people soon realize that everyone has roughly the same problems, and at least start discussing these problems with friends: without isolation and with support issues like these tend to dissolve fairly quickly.

11-year-old girl married to 40-year-old man – Amanpour

It 8767 s pretty cleara that there needs to be an attitude change from basically everyone. Nerds are not special in this regard.

40 Pictures That Show The Decline Of American Women

There 8767 s nothing CS specific there. That 8767 s academia as a whole. And there 8767 s nothing male specific about being willing to put in a lot of time and effort. Yes, people who put in more time into work will get farther in their careers.

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Just under 65 percent of Egypt''s population are Christians , whose most important holiday is Easter , falling in either March or April. It is common for families to come together to share a hearty meal, much as Christians worldwide do. Egyptian Christians observe the Orthodox calendar, which places Christmas on January 7 each year.

In the fifth century BCE (BC), the Greek scholar Herodotus described Egypt as the "gift of the Nile ," but Egypt was also a product of natural protection in the ancient world. The Egyptian civilization was indeed the gift of the Nile, but the Nile itself produced a gift each year when it flooded it deposited good, fertile soil that could grow crops that Egypt could trade. The Nile was navigable, and therefore the Nile River has been a source of life for Egypt to this day. However, control of the water is a topic that can be found in the state-controlled press of Egypt and throughout the world.

I 8767 ll just add something I 8767 ve been thinking of for a few days, btw, which is how relentlessly hetero this conversation is, and how life-goes-date-marry-kids-grave. Which is an awfully narrow take. (I actually didn 8767 t even have much interest in marriage I just thought, mistakenly, that it 8767 d make things easier since we were planning to have kids. Completely wrong, made things a legal mess.) Some surprisingly large percentage of women in the US are uninterested in having kids. I don 8767 t know what the numbers are like for men. All this to say that I think the convo 8767 s been too narrow.

Anon, that 8767 s twice now that you 8767 ve missed the context (I 8767 m assuming you haven 8767 t read from the top). I am not suggesting that you were going to panic. Scott described sexual-assault awareness programs having that effect on him, earlier in the thread, and I was responding to him.

I think I can put my finger on what makes me uncomfortable about draconian rules that would prohibit a professor, or other professional, from dating anyone with whom there 8767 s any real or imagined 8775 power differential 8776 not merely anyone over whom the person has actual power (the latter being something we all agree about).

Schools of art and music include the Academy of Arts (Giza), Higher Institute of Ballet (Cairo with branches in Alexandria and Ismailia), Higher Institute of Cinema (Cairo), Higher Institute of Theatre Arts (Cairo), Higher Institute of Arab Music (Cairo), Higher Institute of Music (Cairo), Higher Institute of Folklore (Cairo), Higher Institute of Art Criticism (Cairo), and the Higher Institute of Child Arts (Cairo). The French University in Egypt (Cairo) offers a wide range of courses and hosts study-abroad students.

Much of the back/forth here comes down, I think, to 8775 SMN 8767 s right to do what he can to get a date/married/family 8776 v. 8775 women 8767 s right to go through their days unmolested by batteries of men giving it a try, and to be viewed at work/school as being there primarily to do their thing, not to run a daily gantlet of guys looking for dates. 8776

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