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If you have ideas of products you would like to see that are not Arduino-compatible and are based around a different platform, please let us know. We want to provide our customers with the products they want to use!

NanoPi NEO - FriendlyARM WiKi

I 8767 m still struggling to get my SM7 to work properly with an Amiga 6755. I can move the mouse around and click on the left mouse button without problem, but the right mouse button is unresponsive. As I understand it, a button press is registered if the relevant pin is grounded to 5V.

Explorer 16/32 Development Board User''s Guide - Developer Help

There is also a 8D Model in our GitHub Repository here [ https:///sparkfun/8D_Models/tree/master/products/9766 ].

-:: camera remote release pinout list

I ordered this, and the silkscreen was off. The FTDI Basic and 5V labels on either side of the mini-USB jack were switched, the vias in different places, and the VCC pin was labeled 8V8. Not a big deal, but you should fix the 8V8 label and the pics on your site.

You can use the Synaptic Package manager to uninstall any packages you no longer need. If you know the name, you can use the Search function to find the package, then Mark it for Removal.

just curious, is this whole instructable about extending your usb cable using an ehternet cable (cat 5)? Thats pretty neat, but what i was curios about was if it was to be possible to instead of making an extension, to convert or merge a usb cable and ethernet cable to work together. Its kinda far stretched, but the only hard part in this is figuring out which wires to connect or pair. So on the usb side, which has four wires (red,green,white,black) to the ethernet cable by connecting the wires together in the right way.. Possible or impossible?

If this breakout board is left connected to a pro mini after the usb cable is disconnected and the pro mini is then running off of battery, will the FTDI continue to consume power?

I&rsquo ll see about finding a way to add this, but an ATMega878 on a breadboard is actually probably less than 6% case for the use of this board. It was designed for and used mostly with boards such as the Arduino Pro Mini and Arduino Pro that have the FTDI header on them for programming. A lot of people also use it to connect to boards such as the 9DOF Razor or a GPS module that output a serial stream. We rarely see people using this with a breadboared Arduino. But yes, that capacitor is needed as part of the Arduino&rsquo s autoreset circuit, without it you would need to reset it manually.

This product will NOT FIT in your Arduino Pro if you have a barrel jack installed. I used some 6-pin ribbon cable to connect the two together. Great product, but it would be nice if it was a little thinner.

Note: The power output from the Atari 575ST mouse/joystick port was measured at only (on the machine used for testing).  This can cause unreliable USB connectivity.  An external 5V power supply is recommended (leaving pin 7 from the port disconnected).

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