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9w6 - &ldquo And it&rsquo s probably not going to be the last time you&rsquo re heartbroken. You can&rsquo t go walking into traffic every time it happens.&rdquo

5w6 vs 5w4 - Personality Cafe

Type 7: These children were deprived of nurturing, or it was too-soon removed. They handled this lack by searching for distractions to minimize/repress fear and pain. They decided to focus on positive options and rely on themselves to fulfill their desires and gain a sense of nurturance.

[Type 5] Enneagram 5w4 versus 5w6 - Typology Central

Ah, I just love this! You always have a way of writing exactly how our mind frame works (in both how it manifests in real life situations and the mind and emotions that drive us to be that way) in a way that is clearly defined and enlightening. I feel so refreshed

5w4 vs 5w6 - The Enneagram

The Basic Bitch/Normie Triangle
- 8s are most out of touch with confidence in their own feelings (center of feeling/shame triad).
- 6s are most out of touch with confidence in their own minds (center of thinking/fear triad).
- 9s are most out of touch with confidence in their own instincts (center of instinctual/anger triad).

Type 6: &ldquo I&rsquo m a trustworthy person and I do what I have to do but most people aren&rsquo t like that.&rdquo

As an INTP 5w9 Sx, I straddle the divide between the UR and UL quadrants of the Integral AQAL Model. With a heavier lean in UR, my gaze dives deep into the UL. It seems as though our dominant cognitive functions dictate our penchant for a particular form of human inquiry and research as outlined in Ken Wilber 8767 s Integral Methodological Pluralism (IMP) or 8775 ways of knowing 8767 as Wilber says.

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Level 9 : Begin conceptualizing and fine-tuning everything before acting—working things out in their minds: model building, preparing, practicing, and gathering more resources. Studious, acquiring technique. Become specialized, and often "intellectual," often challenging accepted ways of doing things.

- 9w6 (Peacemaker): they are seen as pleasent and easy-going, frequently underestimated but they can be pretty industrious and effective. They meld insight to what make people and societies tick with visions, and what they may become. They might be well-liked, modest, gentle but firm.

5w9 - &ldquo I take them all in. I hear their conversations, witness their intimacies. I never say a word. They are more conscious of the birds, the squirrels, the wind. I do not exist. And yet I exist.&rdquo

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