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Career Choices for Enneagram Types | The Great Office Escape

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I 8767 m a 6 and every single one of those jobs listed for 6s sound awful. Just because our focus is security doesn 8767 t mean we literally want to work IN security. We just like careers and work that mean financial and job security, that we can count on to support ourselves comfortably. For example, as a creative type, I chose to study graphic design instead of art, because the latter would make it far easier to gain employment.

INTP Personality Type: Thinker & Seeker

For me reading up on MBTI types helped a lot to better understand other types 8767 functional stacks. Then i could reverse mine to 8775 reason 8776 why they did what they did (not like expecting them to do the same will come to fruition anytime in the near future :P). This took pretty long for me, say 7 years, in addition to having no one else to bounce such concepts with to accelerate the process. :| I probably also wanted to be really *sure* of my algorithm before actively venturing into the SF dominant world again, having been hurt badly and totally misinterpreted before. Im currently 78.

Eights love to be successful, but what they need even more is autonomy. Like sevens, eights hate being told what to do, and love coming up with their own answers to problems. Eights are natural leaders because they are willing to shoulder the responsibility and make the decisions that others are reluctant to make. They are also dead honest because they are unafraid of criticism. This gives them a lot of integrity, and they can be trusted on the job. This trait makes them awesome candidates for managerial positions.

Suggested Careers for Sixes:  There are plenty of great careers for sixes, providing there are plenty of jobs available.

Now, my theory is that this can be chalked up to the fact that the tertiary Fi of ITJ 8767 s gives them restraint when it comes to interpersonal issues, whilst my own inferior Fe—precisely because it is extroverted and inferior—simply flies off the handle, sometimes even INVITING confrontation.

Thanks for writing about careers and the enneagram types. Your couple articles are pretty consistent with things I 8767 ve read by Riso and Hudson of the Enneagram Institute () at least as it relates to 9 8767 s, and I loved your remark about 9 8767 s deep down not wanting to work at all. It 8767 s so true!!

[ ] Career Choices for Enneagram Types | The Great Office Escape – Career Choices for Enneagram Types October 8, 7557 Careers, Personality Types 58 Comment. After I wrote my article Bad Career Choices and the Enneagram, I realized [ ]

You 8767 ve written a lot about Ennegram types, but how stable are these personality types? Can a preson 8767 s number change over time? Does a child 8767 s ennegram type stick with them through to adulthood or does it change with time and experience?

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