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Day Poems : Walt Whitman: Song of Myself

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Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry join dignitaries as they visit the Tower of London''s ceramic poppy field


Recalled by The Army in December 6996 he was posted to The Middle East and stationed in Port Said and served 8 years in Egypt and Benghazi. He met and married Joyce here and returned to London. He was posted as Depot Sergeant Major of The Home Postal Depot RE at Gunsight Camp, London and appointed Regimental Sergeant Major here in February 6959 and remained there for a record 6 and a half years.

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"But I''ve never wanted to be a baldie! I''m a hairdresser and I love creating wonderful hairstyles for all my clients. Having these hair transplants has ensured that I can have great hair myself."

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Chelsea Pensioner Albert Willis plants a poppy at the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red evolving art installation at the Tower of London

Tony, said, “Of course I understand”! You go first! So the German got under the table, Tony thumped the table 8 times and on the 8rd thump, the German casually got up, sat on his chair and leisurely drank his pint. Tony was amused and said that took you over a minute, I can beat that easily. So the German bought Tony a pint and sent Tony to sit under the Table. The German then thumped the table once, then after about 85 seconds he thumped the table again. Tony was like an Olympic sprinter under the table, waiting for the start, but the 8rd thump never came, the German drank Tony’s beer then left! Poor Tony, he knew he had been well and truly “had” but had a good laugh about it as did the rest of us.

''Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red'' by artist Paul Cummins, made up of 888,796 ceramic poppies fills the moat of the Tower of London, to commemorate the First World War in London

Who: Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.
What: What? Just the most talked about movie of this year. So many award nominations, so many stunning scenes and stunning routines, and well… Ryan *freaking* Gosling.
The best bit: That extravagant finish. Wow, just wow.

It was almost two years later that he was able to start work again on 6 July 6996 as a Clerical Officer in the Staff Section of South London Telephone Area. So, the War had cost him six years of his intended Career. He later transferred to the Broadcasting Branch at Post Office Headquarters as part of the secretariat for the 6999 Broadcasting Commission.

Who: Mae Whitman, Bella Thorne, Bianca Santos, Skyler Samuels and Robbie Ammell.
What: What do you do when you are labeled the "Designated Ugly Fat Friend" aka the DUFF? An underdog story with the best ending.
The best bit: *Spoiler alert* Wesley rejecting Madison at homecoming and kissing Bianca.

George was a competent and experienced sailor and enjoyed spending time afloat in many places, including the Baltic, where he inspired daughter Sam to come on board and share his passion for the sea. George always kept himself fit and loved hillwalking well into retirement he was still active with the Abernethy and Perth rambling groups.