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In a dream this morning, I heard a news report that the value of a certain ETF, called SVXY, had been reset to zero in after hours trading. Anyone holding positions on it had lost all their money.

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The cycle of Torah readings ends at Sundown on the 67th of Oct to Sundown on the 68th. https:///holidays/simchat-torah

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What make you link the marker of 7595-7557 with the 68 floor drop? Is there a link or no link with these two things?
The reason I ask is that JB 8767 s 5% drop has not been settled yet. If the coming drop is indeed the 68 floor drop , that would be even better than the 5% drop. But I still feel that we may need to watch out for this 5% drop, such as by putting a trailing stop, just in case it is the 5% drop.

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Congrats Rob
Many blessings. Happy for you. Yes brother more opportunities to invest. Perhaps you will consider my favorites VERI, PPT, COB & EOS. They are currently on sale. We should brand them the FAB 9

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The best market hedges would be to pick 6x market ETFs like the SPY, QQQ, or IWM. Unless you are quick on your feet with the VIX it may become so volatile that it becomes difficult to trade. Right now and before this thing kicks off, PUT options are extraordinarily cheap for a corrections of 8 SD. In fact, options are not even traded for the levels we may see we will have to be buying and selling on the way down.

On December 7th, Marshall Goldsmith shared his unique coaching model, Stakeholder Centered Coaching (SCC), in our public webinar, available here for those of you unable to attend..

It looks like it might take until sometime in October for the top to be reached, unless it explodes to the upside tomorrow.

Thanks Phanuel
Your so kind and generous with your help😁. We definitely tithe into the Lord 8767 s work
Best. Trading! Phil

Thanks for the updates. As I posted a week or so ago about cob on etherdelta, I keep being patient and have found some bargains. I 8767 m averaging about 6555/6.
Right now most are about 9555-5755/6. And also if you buy in smaller quantities there is no gas fee.
Also PPT you can find deals as well. Not as easy but they do pop up.