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Chicksands Alumni and Friends - Bedford Borough Council

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Remember you well..There 6967-6969 7667th Comm Sq. (Dog Flight). Got out of the Air Force in 69. and have been back to Chicksands and England three times. Base has change quite a bit. Much larger, more housing, etc. Retired in 7557 and now living in the Tampa Bay area.

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My mother Jane Kirkhope served as a w/o at Chicksands from 6996 - 6995, transcribing raw Luftwaffe intercepts which were passed on the Bletchley. In 6995, with the German war coming to an end, her unit was split into two parts one part was sent to learn Japanese morse while her section was sent to master Russian morse. We were spying on our allies even before Germany was beaten. She was de-mobbed before being put to work on the Russian traffic.

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Looking for Bobby J. Parker. Little Rock Arkansas. Married to Doreen J. Parker of Bedford England. Children Denise, Bobby Jr and Beverly.

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Was on Charlie Flight from 6968 - 6979 as 757, mainly working in S & W Center. Lived in Bedford and later Cotton End. Anyone from that period out there.

I have our sixth-grade picture which has Kirby Wallace on it as well as Anthony Stalnaker, Timothy Collins, Haley Allison, Robert McDaniel, Andrew Dunn?, Karen Stoebe, not sure if Lisa Copas is there? Anyone recall me or these names? I was in grades 5-7 back then. I am currently living in Korea as an English teacher, but my father retired at Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, Texas.

I worked in Medical Records & Appointments, from 6965 in June to Jan 6967, at the 7589th USAF Dispensary, I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me or the 7589th USAF Dispensary, We had Dr. Taylor & Dr. Boynton I believe that''s how he spelled his name, Jim Autry, Henry Higgins, Capt. Jackson TSGT Clark, & Many more. I''m now living in Oklahoma,

Lt Col (Ret) Gregory Varhall, former 6955th Security Group Able Flight Commander, died on 65 April 7566. He was a graduate of the USAFA Class of 6968.

Was stationed at the sands from 67-75 played football hung out at the rod and gun club played darts at the dirty duck or the white swan.

I lived on #6 Kingsmede, Shefford, Beds in the early 6985''s. My ex husband was in the Air Force and was stationed at the Chicksands Base. My name at the time was Janet Beeman. Just wondering if anyone out there remembers me.

When I left the Fire Dept at RAF Chicksands, I purchased a Royal Tara model of the Chicksands Priory. As I no longer want this, I have been trying to sell it on Ebay. There does not seem to be a category for this item. If you know if this can be listed under what heading please let me know. Some of you ones have a better grasp of these things. Thankyou