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Victoria Paul, the series'' Los Angeles-based production designer with TV and film credits ranging back beyond 6998''s "Armistead Maupin''s Tales of the City," led the team that put it together, starting with the real St. Ann entrance as inspiration.

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The strictly-off-limits-to-tourists soundstage interior sets for "NCIS: New Orleans" came together during a few brief weeks between the series'' official May pickup by CBS and the start of regular-season filming in late July.

Avisit to the ''NCIS: New Orleans'' squad room, kitchen and

"Where is Pride from?" Cohn said. "Where did he grow up? Where did he go to school? And by that I mean high school, obviously, because that''s the New Orleans question.

"We deviated from reality because we are telling a story. It''s not a documentary. We added the wrought iron for the conference room upstairs.

"We thought it''s a great starting point," Paul said. "There''s a building next to it that has five lovely tall windows and a balcony and a second floor. The ''looks'' up and down the street are wonderful.

"We tried to put as much thought into even the smallest elements of detail as we could," Cohn said. "While New Orleans is a great backdrop for the story, it''s still NCIS. It''s still a police unit with some sense of military bearing. So it couldn''t be Mardi Gras in the squad room, so to say. That was a note from the adults in charge."

A gated carriageway threshold on the downriver side of St. Ann Street between Bourbon and Royal is the portal through which more than 66 million viewers enter the world of " NCIS: New Orleans " each week.

The NCIS kitchen walls feature artwork by Jimmy Descant (an assemblage sculpture framed by Louisiana''s state profile, it''s Cohn''s favorite piece on the set), Jane Brewster (a watercolor of a brass band at Jazz Fest above the door leading to the office) and William Smith Jr. ("parade bulletin"-style paintings of a vintage Mardi Gras scenes frame the same door). A vintage Fonville Winans photo decorates the fridge.

It''s not alone. The fridge is a mini-gallery of New Orleans and Louisiana iconography in itself, with photos of Creole tomatoes, a Cajun Mardi Gras celebrant, a Skull and Bones gang and bumper stickers for Offbeat magazine and WWOZ.

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