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Myers Briggs (MBTI) Spirit Animals - Personality Growth

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Understanding Myers Briggs'® functional dominance methodology also helps explain how the Myers Briggs'® four-dimension model (four letters) relates to Jung's three-dimension model (main Jungian 'Psychological Type' plus auxiliary function - three letters), at least in the way that the Myers Briggs® interpretation implies and considers it to do so. (Just to repeat once more, Jung didn't use the Judging-Perceiving dimension as such, he stuck with three dimensions: Introvert-Extravert Sensing-Intuition, and Thinking-Feeling.)

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Like many theorists before him who had attempted to define personality Jung opted for a four-part structure, which he used alongside his Introverted-Extraverted attitudes:

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The 9 dichotomies mentioned in the "Summary" section only describe how the Types are LABELED. The information below describes how the 66 Types are DERIVED. The core psychology behind Myers-Briggs describes how a person perceives what is happening and how a person makes decisions.

Project Evolove - Myers Briggs dating

By reviewing the assessment information, an individual can gain insight into what kind of teams they prefer to work in, what kind of environment they'd like to work in, and what roles they prefer in the workplace.

An ISTP’s greatest strength is her knowledge of a system, all its parts, and how they work together. She can, for example, understand a car engine better than most personality types because she knows how the electrical system, transmission, and brakes interact. When my other vehicle’s electrical system was failing, my ISTP friend diagnosed a probable cause without even looking under the hood of my car. We went outside to examine the engine, and he showed me how the cables and electrical box worked, as well as what typically goes wrong with electrical systems in cars like mine.

They use their incredible personal power and presence to motivate, and sometimes intimidate, others to join their crusade. The people surrounding an ENTJ are frequently assigned roles pertaining to the objective at hand.

The Activity scales describe a construct that addresses preferred pace of action and aspects of style, planning and decision making. This construct includes the degree to which an individual prefers action quick thinking and physical expression of energy.

The core of The Birkman Method® predicts significant behavioral and motivational patterns by asking respondents about personal and social perceptions. Dr Birkman confirmed that individuals don't react to the 'real' world, but rather to their perception of it. This is the scientific response to the adage, 'perceptions are reality'.

Benziger's model is relatively recent compared to the Four Temperaments, Jung, Eysenck, etc. Her theories and tools have been widely used by many of the world's major corporations, and are still the subject of ongoing research and refinement.

In most respects psychometrics tests and personality models are aids to personal development and to helping people understand more about themselves. They are not to be used a single basis for recruitment or career decisions.

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