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16 Inappropriate Memes About Sex That Will Make You LOL

Дата публикации: 2017-12-07 11:25

It 8767 s a bit like someone who has a compulsive spending issue, or problems with drinking. And they 8767 re like 8775 I dunno why I 8767 m always late/forgetting things/never have money for bills. 8776 and you 8767 re like 8775 You know why. 8776 But they honestly just lack the capacity to reflect on their own actions long enough to realize what leads up to the things they do/say. I have Borderline Personality Disorder, so one of the first things you learn to do is that self reflection, and I 8767 ve met at least 85 women now, who are undiagnosed and just have their emotions kind of ferry them about, without questioning why they feel one way or another.

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With a side of bodyshaming women for not looking like porn stars, done by asshats who don 8767 t understand women 8767 s bodies, yuuuup.

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Not to mention people could maybe just believe her that it was inappropriate for this dude to ask for his digits when all she did was smile but I get that that may be too much to ask that we just trust women to accurately report their harassment or feelings of discomfort about guys making inappropriate passes at them.

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A study a couple of years ago concluded per cent of Tumblr x7569 s blogs were x756c adult x756d . Which means that a staggering one in 65 of its blogs contained images of people doing the nasty. And that was two years ago.

After the apocalypse we shall band together in small groups and hunt the feral radioactive cattle that wander the landscape. We shall entice a male or two for breeding and to protect the group. When stronger males come to battle our males we shall watch uncaring as they fight to the death. What care we? We shall have our Our daughters will stay by our sides, our sons we shall drive off when they are of age. You think this unfair? Their own fathers will do it for us.

It doesn 8767 t matter what TSA guy 8767 s intentions were, he should have never done that, and what 8767 s more depressing is the number of men (and women) who don 8767 t understand why what he did is unprofessional, stupid, and scary for the other person involved.

You realise that those feelings you are feeling are unproductive and self-involved and do nothing to actually help the situation and can also make women 8767 s lives MORE miserable (witness all the men now saying because of all these revelations they are scared to be alone with women as if THAT 8767 s the point of all this). Also recognise that those feelings are also a privilege to have, they allow you to excuse yourself from action as you mope in self pity while others are dealing with the actual shit and inequality in their day to day lives. You tell yourself to get over it, to be a grown up, and to try to be proactive and help others. Not wallow and somehow make all this about you.

I think there a lot of people who will rationalize it, or put it down to 8775 trolling 8776 or 8775 being edgy/non-PC 8776 or something similar. Considering how many moderate and left-leaning folks aren 8767 t willing to call out Nazis as being Nazis, I 8767 m squicked the fuck out but not that surprised.

“If I don’t check my bank balance, I can’t be broke” and “you can 8767 t disappoint your family if you 8767 ve never made them proud in the first place,” are typical Roll Safe sentiments. Even if you instantly recognize that his logic doesn’t hold up, you might be able to relate to the feeling behind it: there has to be some clever way out of our dismal failures, right? The meme broke in late January but really hit its stride in February.

I also think the conversation would be fairly different in the case of a person who wasn 8767 t interested in talk therapy but proposed another reasonable method for addressing their problems. Assuming we 8767 re talking about something more concrete than vague promises of change, a lot of people might give the proposed solution a bit of time to see how it works.

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