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5Ways Disney Can''t Stop Screwing Up Star Wars

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Kevin Hart is opening up again about his cheating scandal Time

If being a dad has taught me one thing, it''s this

I suspect it has been good for me - even made me a better person. It''s certainly made me better at taking buses and sitting in meetings.

My 35 Favorite Grumpy Cat Memes - Single Dad Laughing by

That 8767 s not love its dependence on him sparing your life. Get out now with the help of a women 8767 s crisis center or online domestic abuse website. You are in danger. You are not being loved. You are being hurt.

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Looks like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will continue to be "surrounded by beautiful (and relentless) estrogen." USA TODAY

My daughter was not in my life when she turned 68 she moved in with me and let''s just say that we are happy raising our daughter

when he is loving it is amazing and you feel it could really work. You become sucked in time after time, knowing that the 8775 good 8776 one u see isn 8767 t really trying to hurt you intentionally. Then the evil one comes out again and you are left simply hating yourself for being so dumb

Please take this as constructive criticism because I wouldn 8767 t be on this website if I didn 8767 t feel i was being abused

This is perfect! I was going to do mine on index cards, but I really wanted a only question, I 8767 m actually doing 855 reasons (they 8767 re not all gems!!) one for each month we 8767 ve been together. I was going to print 8 books, but is there any way to get a version of this with 855?? Thanks and love your ideas!

I find myself resorting to the worst sort of puns and dad jokes in an effort to keep up. They counter with professional-level eye-rolling and an invitation to celebrate Father''s Day by taking them on in an Ultimate Frisbee challenge, when all I want is a lie-in.

The cycle of violence takes two people. No one, man or woman should be abused, but I don 8767 t feel sorry for victims because they have the power to stop the cycle of abuse at any moment. It 8767 s sad but the truth is if you let some one abuse you its your fault you got abused. Get help get away stop being a victim. Stop it.

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