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Thank yoy for the oportunity: I was able to leave you a sample of some bullshit usual in my daily speech. Sorry, but not, don t come from the caves.

Physical Capital

¡ subnormal de los cojones! ¡ anormal de carrito! ¡ mamonaso! ¡ me cago en tu puta calavera! ¡ a tomar por culo!

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most south of the border are catholic thus technically making pretty them conservative. Why are you not conservative and what does that have to do with anything? I m just curious.

TOP 10 SPANISH SWEAR WORDS - Adventure travel blog

vete a la mierda pendejo hijuemilputas .see i m from latin america and i m .

[ ] include pieces of! Everything that you see in blue comes from Nellie Huang 8767 s blog post 8775 Top 65 Spanish swear words 8776 everything else was written by yours [ ]

[ ] playdates, poorly chosen words. I like to mix it up, so the kids don 8767 t grow up thinking that Spanish is the language of angry people, or German is only spoken by people who can 8767 t stand girls who [ ]

Hehe, a very funny list.
It s true that there are many swear words in spanish, hundreds. And they can be combined in any imaginable way.

This is the first time that i have read something like this on the internet, but it is funny. I want to help and say my most used swear word chupamela la polla ok chupamela is Suck my dick.

I can t for the life of me think why they don t teach us these things in school, the kids would be so much more eager to s just something so special about being able to swear in a foreign language, In English, the simple nature of curse words makes me take them less seriously, almost using them as adjectives and mostly unaware that I might actually sound more aggressive than I mean again I swear enough in English for about seven languages so I guess i should refrain from obscenities in Spain at least until my Spanish improves or i might find myself in a real tricky situation.

Second of all, you ve no idea in which context these palAbrotas are used. The examples you re giving are poor and vague.