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This is a resume and cover letter that work — Ask a Manager

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As a fiction writer, I run into this a lot. Newer writers are always looking for ways to write a story that “everyone will love” and that work for every reader. It’s impossible. Even the bestsellers don’t work for everyone, and in fact some people hate them.

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It 8767 s an individual thing. Some people need things to be a little softer and with others, blunt/direct is the only way to go. Personally, I 8767 d prefer blunt/direct too since I 8767 ve worked with several managers that were passive-aggressive, which is all kinds of irritating and causes a tremendous loss of respect for them since they can 8767 t come out and say what they want and we can all just move on.

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Rich sounds horrible to work with. I 8767 m in double-digit in the time I 8767 ve been with my employer, and dealing with someone like that again would probably have me looking for another job.

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No offense taken. I wouldn 8767 t have written you if I didn 8767 t think I had an opportunity to perform better as a manager. If I was on my game, this wouldn 8767 t have happened.

I agree with you I work in law. I 8767 m not a hiring partner, so I don 8767 t know what they 8767 re thinking I suppose, but I can 8767 t imagine this tone appealing to them. I know people aren 8767 t robots, but they are, like Anon said, Very Serious People, and I think that some of the colloquialisms here wouldn 8767 t work. In a Business Formal profession, I feel like one might need a more 8766 business formal 8767 cover letter.

With all due respect to the OP (I really think she 8767 s put in a good faith effort), I agree with you and the others who responded.

And after 75 minutes of driving the XK695, I was already convinced: drivers these days have it so easy. I am aware this makes me sound like a jaded old lady, stuck in some decades-ago yesteryear.

If I were to be out I 8767 d inform the whole team there 8767 s only 8 of them that it was just him is weird to me, like they do think of them as a manager.

I think also that opinions here may depend on hiring experience. I think if you haven 8767 t had much hiring experience, you tend to compare cover letters to hypothetical cover letters in your head rather than to the real gamut that you get when hiring it may also be that some people with seriously executive hiring experience never see anything but brilliant application packages. My hiring tends to fall toward the early end of careers, so I think I 8767 m seeing a lot of people at a similar stage to our sample provider, and her sample definitely has a savvy that isn 8767 t common at that stage.

6. The research. Not just 8775 hey I pulled this line off your website research 8776 but actual research that shows you truly follow the industry.

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