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My employee is acting like a manager even though I''ve told

Дата публикации: 2017-12-07 11:25

The best response to a question about work style and urgency was 8775 he 8767 s very good at X, but nothing is ever urgent. That guy wouldn 8767 t jump if he were stung by a bee. 8776

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Another example: there is no direct air connection between Amsterdam and Turin. Until last year, however, there was a direct night train from Amsterdam to Milan, from which one could take an HSR to Turin (or rent a car: it s only a 95 mins drive). Not anymore. I can take a night train from Paris, but that means leaving Amsterdam at 8 pm instead of 7 pm: loss of half a working day. Etc. etc.

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Kris, very informative and well-written article, a curious point of view I ve never heard. While reading over this, I can t help but think that the pricing for HSR will go down dramatically once the fixed costs are paid off by revenue, however many years that may be. This begs the question, wherein does the unsustainable nature of HSR stem from, the source of energy?

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These people that he asks aren 8767 t even connected to the situation he is basically asking any coworker that walks by. He clearly would not be a good candidate for a remote office.

Thanks fposte and Jamie! You guys made my day particularly since I respect both of you and always get something out of your posts. :)

Fposte beat me to this. Yeah, precise definitions are the key. And if any of the things you want are quantifiable, OP, throw in your desired metrics too during this conversation. Lay out your expectations in as clear a manner as possible.

This is something that went wrong in my current job. I got 8775 promoted 8776 and I was supposed to focus on all these new, strategic things, with no one to come pick up the slack on the other day-to-day tasks I had been doing.

Rich sounds valuable, but no one is irreplaceable, and with him getting involved in HR issues and pushing you out of them (!!!), his value sounds like it is on the fast track to being outweighed by his liability. What is your 8766 hit by a bus 8767 scenario for him? If you don 8767 t have one, make it now. Then have a serious discussion and make it very clear this behavior is putting his job on the line.

So I think Rich could be the team lead and perhaps has been doing that (and more, which is the problem, because he is not supervisor/manager) for a while. But if you hired him with the 8775 mentoring/self-directed 8776 criteria, I can see why he thinks himself as a team lead.

Direct flight traffic from metropole to metropole also has the disadvantage that the towns en-route are cut off. ., you cannot stop any more at the beaches close to Narbonne, if you like to, in a flight Paris-Barcelona or Amsterdam-Barlecona. Thus, I believe, the move from trains to flights is to some extent also resonsible for the concentration of travellers and tourism income in the large urban areas, with side effects like adding to high rents and long commuting distances in these areas. As the urban tourism destinations are less suitable for extensive holidays, this also adds to the habit of repeated short journeys, rather for an extended weekend than for 7 or 8 weeks, which used to be the standard for holidays in foreign countries not so long ago.

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