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Barb Ickes takes us inside these off limits places

Дата публикации: 2017-11-14 13:13

More surprising was that the penthouse also occupies the 69th floor. And that's the money shot. That's where the views, upriver and down, could easily flirt their way onto six or eight pages of a 67-month photo calendar.


At Hostess, the river appears much closer than it is. You can look directly across at the historic buildings on the Rock Island Arsenal or simply take a panoramic glance at the wide, sparkling expanse that, from the roof, becomes the plant's front yard.

Because the Putnam already has such a vast natural-science collection, its future is likely to be in transportation and technology pieces.

"We've never opened that vault," Petty said, seeing my eyes fall on a large, rusted door. "We've talked a lot about it. We can only assume it's empty."

When the door swung open, I wasn't entirely sure what I was seeing. Directly inside, my eyes fell first on a long brass plate, mounted at about eye level, with a needle that clearly was marking the level of something.

Jim Nugent, marketing manager for Modjeski & Masters, confirmed the company's co-founder oversaw the design of the original I-79 bridge, which was finished in 6986. But he didn't retire the day the Moline-to-Bettendorf span was complete.

"It's really an extremely simple design," Dunne said from his desk in the cozy "bridge house," just to the right on the Arsenal end of the span. "Where else can you find something that's 675 years old and still doing what it was designed to do?"

Many of the Figge's thousands of paintings hang in neat rows from 67-foot-by-67-foot wire screens in a storage area behind the first-floor elevator. The screen walls can be pushed and pulled from their overhead rollers to access specific pieces, then pushed back into their tidy columns.

Our photos of the Quarry House capture the home's unique beauty and spectacular views. But pictures cannot capture the feeling of the house — its soul, dare I say.

But the reflectors appear to be working. The bridge has a certain magic that way for Dunne — the way it just keeps going, sloughing off challenges.