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Yeah not only that, but they can 8767 t even manage their websites appropriately. But yet, they judge you on your technical knowledge. It would be nice if they would clean their own house before kicking BETTER prospective employees that actually know what they are doing. Most of the HR people I have met are ignorant about the details of qualifications of the people they are interviewing. I applied for a job where an incompetent person was running the show. How can they hire when they don 8767 t know what to hire for? You go to school to educate yourself, only to find that it will be ignored.

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Oh yeah, those things are SO pointless. There should really be a law that candidates get paid for too lengthy of a hiring process. Want me to take your one hour BS assessment? Pay me one hour 8767 s wage. That would put a quick stop to it. Honestly though, I find most of the assessment giving places are so uptight I wouldn 8767 t want to work there anyway. It 8767 s a good way for US to screen THEM.

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I read an article somewhere (I wish I could find it to provide a link) that said something to the effect of women tend to be more selective in online dating. As a result, men tend to message lots of women in the hopes that they 8767 ll get a response or two back. So I wouldn 8767 t feel concerned about responding to everyone, most men probably aren 8767 t going to think it 8767 s rude if you don 8767 t. That being said, if someone writes a particularly thoughtful message you may want to respond to thank them for reaching out.

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In terms of competition that will always be there. It is literally in our genes, and it is not a hindrance, but a benefit for the human race.

The truth is that these HR clowns do not know anything other than HR. If it 8767 s marketing, they don 8767 t know marketing. If it 8767 s engineering, they don 8767 t know engineering. However until a better system comes along. I guess we 8767 ll have to savvy up.

Those that still don 8767 t have a job right out of school aren 8767 t the only ones struggling. Even those that currently have a job that are looking for promotions or a new job altogether are getting stiffed, too. I 8767 m one of them. I just got stiffed a few times at my current employer for someone that doesn 8767 t even have any experience in the systems that we use, but yet I do. How do you explain that? I have 6+ years of experience, and yet nobody will promote/hire me. I 8767 ve had what I felt were pretty good interviews and my resume has been updated accordingly. I agree that hiring managers either forgot or don 8767 t give a shit about any of the people applying for jobs at their place of employment. It truly is about WHO you know NOT what you know.

My philosophy was that if someone took the time to write a nice, thoughtful, personalized message, I would respond either way. Even if I wasn 8767 t interested. But if it was a cut/paste job, crude, didn 8767 t show they 8767 d actually read my profile, or otherwise low-effort, I didn 8767 t reply.

Many companies have you do written tests or take-home assignments that take a lot of hours, amounting to about a week of work, only to prompt a lazy, 8-word response after several weeks, INDIRECTLY through the recruiter, saying 8775 not technically suitable 8776 . I was very thorough and complete with the assignment, and even sent in several other work examples (like a 8D game I made on my own time, like no one does).

Aw, see, I would have wanted to tell you 8775 It 8767 s nice but I need my own bathroom and it 8767 s too far from the bus 8776 so you didn 8767 t think I rejected you because your furniture was intolerable and your dog was untrained. But that 8767 s just me projecting.

In 6986, I went to a place called 8775 Resumes Plus 8776 since I obtained jobs in 6975 and 6986 without a Resume (I simply filled out Applications) and they created one for me. Since then, I have written my own Resumes.