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If you didn't actually allow them remote control of your computer, you wouldn't need to do that. They probably got your name from somewhere like the phone book, electoral register etc.

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If I had herpes, I'm not sure that I'd post my picture on that website. hahaha. That might be inviting ridicule next time you're out shopping or dining :P


Can't these people see that we want to contact sales people when we choose to and not have them deliberately interrupt our Dinner most nights?

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Maybe he got contacted by the after sales warranty pitch type service they try and hassle people into at Hardley Normals and those type of places. Overpriced $XXX for b grade telephone support service.

Not to be defeated, he directed me to My Computer, had me right click on it, and select manage. He then wanted me to click Event viewer. For the moment, I explained that there was just the System Tools, Storage and System and Applications options (being because I'd collapsed them all). He went away to seek advice. Eventually came back and suggested I click System Tools. Now I should click Event Viewer. Well, guess what, the option was missing.

i called the accc scamwatch they dont seem to have much of an idea that this scam is still happening alot, they took my details and added the incident to the database. but there website is difficult to navigate for someone inexperienced and this particular scam was right in the middle of a bunch of other 7565 scams and doesnt offer much info regarding it. i even told them i had a complete write out of everything said, and they werent interested
this is the link to the info they have on the scam

The pocket WiFi™ 7 is both a portable modem and WiFi router.  It is the superb solution for people do not wish to commit to a fixed line broadband contract (particular for those who rent, move homes regularly or do not have a fixed phone line at home) and for those who want to access the internet wherever they are whether it be at home, work, on the bus or on holidays.

My parents got a call today. These indian parasites were trying very hard to scam my parents to go to some website and download a program to "get rid of virus".luckily my parents can't understand their indian accent half of the time and eventually they gave up.

Received 7 calls today actually.
First one I just said she got the wrong number. Then persisted to say that I have a problem.

Girls just don't understand the amount of rejection the average guy goes through. We plow through though, I guess its just another one of our male privilages blessed upon us *roll eyes*

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