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The scary thing is that guys nowadays are very intelligent and very driven and know how to talk to women which is very sexy to me. It seems as if they know things at 75 that men in their 85 s and 95 s still don t know.

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Mind you 9 years had gone by and I am now 75, my priorities are different. I want to get into grad school, I want to stay fit, I want to see the city, I want to become a better dancer/writer, I love mentoring youth and I do think about what traits are good in a man to be a fit father/partner.

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He 8767 s still weird with me !! I don 8767 t want to leave him!!! I think he
hide Smth he 8767 s not in to me anymore ! He 8767 s always angry with me! It
really hurts I need a plan or Smth ! I can 8767 t live like that without
him I just can 8767 t , I dumped all my exes but he 8767 s diff I 8767 m arras he 8767 ll
dump me ! ( I feel like my whole world is fallin around me
I really need a plan to return him

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i know this guy and i like him i always talk to him on fb. i found out that he knew i liked him. now when i talk to him he doesn 8767 t answer? i dont know what i did?

ive liked this guy for a a long time. i talk to him on facebook all the time ,sometimes we have really meaning full convsationns, and really weird ones. but we can never talk face to face. hes really nice. 🙂 i want to be more then friends, i cancatch the bus with him. hes went to my school but i left dont know if he likes me coz sometime it doeos and sometimes it doesn 8767 t????please help.

One thing I have recently learned, is when a guy likes you and he pulls back, its because he is maybe scared, and unsure of these emotions he is feeling. We as women have a natural reaction to move closer when a guy pulls back. We start asking what is wrong, and try to figure it out and make him tell us. Guys don 8767 t like that. Instead of trying to pull them closer, we need to pull back and give space. Its called the rubber band effect. If he pulls away, and I stay or pull back too, eventually he will come back. I 8767 m not saying this is always the case.. but generally speaking..

He wasn 8767 t over his ex and you were used as a rebound. It wasn 8767 t love, just superficial infatuation but nothing on a deeper emotional level, that 8767 s why he moved on so quickly. It was not about you, so don 8767 t blame yourself. He was just not into you but he probably didn 8767 t even realize that until later. Your mistake was, you got too attached too fast. Learn from it and know that not all men are like him.

then we messaged normal and next day he finished work at like 8:85 at night and was insisting to see me again and was willing to drive after working 66 hours..we planned to meet  the next day.. and he asked where I 8767 d want to meet him and I said I don 8767 t mind wherever and he said 8775 my house? 8776

Sounds like he is an inconsiderate a hole. Just forget about him. Bye felicia! I know it sucks but they nobody has time for that!

I met a guy on . He sent me messages for about 8 weeks before I would agree to meet him. We have been to dinner and hung out at his place twice. He sends me a message at least once a day to say 8775 have a good day or something sweet like 8775 you 8767 re wonderful or hey beautiful. However, he seldom sticks to a planned date, he cancels or says he is going to be late and then I don 8767 t hear back from him. Do I give up?

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