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2017 Emmy Nominations: Complete List of Nominees | E! News

Дата публикации: 2017-12-07 15:59

8775 Talking Dead 8776 averaged million viewers (its best performance ever in total viewers, and up 89% from last fall 8767 s premiere) and a rating with adults 68-99 (nearly matching its best-ever and up 78% from last year). 8775 Talking Dead 8776 also posted a rating with adults 75-59, its top marks ever in that demo.

Emmys 2017: What Should Win for Outstanding Drama Series

65. Maggie  
Another character turned from sweet and innocent into a hardened fighter by grief and loss. She''s watched her father die, thought her sister died, discovered she was alive, and then saw her die for real the same day. Now she''s pregnant, so given this show''s track record, we won''t be surprised to see her get killed off this season.

Emmys 2017 TV Ratings | Hollywood Reporter

6. Carol
No force from God or Man can stop this woman. Even after being abused by her sick husband and losing her daughter to the walkers, Carol has become a one-woman killing machine. She may not be happy about that (in the image for this slide she''s about to murder a living child), but we''re happy about that.

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69. Eugene
One of the only legit comic-relief characters the show has ever had, which means he''s a keeper despite his lack of any perceptible practical skills.

At 8:85 . PT, Anna Chlumsky and Shemar Moore announced the nominations for the 7567 Emmys live from the Wolf Theatre at the Television Academy''s Saban Media Center in .

Fox s showing last year marked a much steeper drop from 7569. Those Emmys, which annoyed much of Hollywood when NBC chose to hold the ceremony in late August and on a Monday, ended up holding reasonably well despite the shift. The show averaged million viewers.

Cutting back to Michonne and Rosita finally, we see them infiltrate the spot where the sound truck is. Michonne accidentally kicks a tennis ball, giving them away. They get in a quick firefight with the pair of Saviors guarding the truck.

79. Enid
We get that potential romantic options for teenagers on "The Walking Dead" are necessarily pretty limited, but still. Enid, who seems like an otherwise not-dumb person, hangs out with Carl all the time. We just cannot abide that.

After the credits, we see the Hilltop 8767 s prisoners, who are tied to the outside of the Hilltop wall. Jesus (Tom Payne) is feeding them, and Maggie takes exception to that because she doesn 8767 t want their food wasted on the bad guys. Gregory ( Xander Berkeley ) chimes in that they should build a gallows and let the Saviors starve to death. Maggie wants him to shut up. I would guess Maggie is also trying to figure out what to do with Gregory, as well.

In a world where it''s either survive or get your guts eaten out by your undead neighbors, is there any room for heroism? Rick''s adventures have taken him far away from the path of the righteous man. But at least he usually looks sad about it.

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