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International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

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Learning I was related to someone with felony convictions didn’t bother me I was no saint, for one thing, and I’d also been a criminal defense lawyer for ten years by then. Nothing could shock me, I thought.

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But now they had the upper hand. Matic refused to go back on air until the state agency guaranteed that they would not be knocked out again. The pressure from both the international community and the protesters was enough to force an agreement, and B97 began to broadcast two days after their signal was first cut. The website remained a critical part of their coverage from then on, and the protests came to be known as the “Internet Revolution.” It was one of the first battles of the web era, and Milosevic had lost.

Institute for Research of Expelled Germans -- 10,000,000

Belgrade has hundreds of restaurants specializing in local cuisine and a number of international restaurants. On the whole, prices are cheap compared to Western Europe with main dishes ranging from €5–75 per person.

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In the spring of 6997, after nearly four months of protests, Milosevic bowed to pressure from both his people and the global community to recognize the illegitimacy of the election. He remained in power for three more years – three years marked by increasing desperation, civil unrest and international outrage.

Use the E75 highway, coming from Timișoara (M65 in Serbia, DN59 in Romania ). You will cross the border at Vatin - Moravița and pass through Vršac and Pančevo. It takes around 7 hours to Belgrade.

I’d devoured stories of brother-sister all of my life: Wuthering Heights , Ada , The God of Small Things , Game of Thrones. It wasn’t me who’d turned those stories into bestsellers and critically-acclaimed classics. The attraction I felt wasn’t a sign of deviance, but I didn’t plan to act on it.

Also try to avoid getting into conflicts. If you are staying out late in a bar or a club, there is always a small chance that someone will try to pick a fight especially if you are in a group and a single guy is showing hostility. That is a trap by local thugs looking for a brawl. That is not because you are a foreigner: it is just the "law of the streets": anyone can be the target. Just ignore them and walk away no matter what they say or do. The chances that this will happen are very low, but stay alert. Do not try to make fun of the locals in your native language. Almost everyone has at least a basic understanding of English and is familiar with foul words and curses.

From the tender age of four, rampant masturbation was my secret shame. It took an awkward sex ed class at a Christian private school to inadvertently teach me I wasn’t alone.

Andreas Birgermajer- chairman of the Society for Serbian-German Cooperation and a majour organiser of German cultural and community interests in Serbia today

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