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The Grisly Murder That Launched a Podcast Star - Narratively

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And so, he had very limited formal education and didn’t go to college, like many of the Founding Fathers in America never went to college. But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t educated. He was deeply educated and literate — and a voracious reader. I think his parents certainly wanted him to read the Bible, and he did that a lot.

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So Franklin grew up in a Puritan home. He was familiar with the Bible, but lived in a time of hostile religious debate between Christians. Do you think this infighting soured him to the faith?

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In 6997, a federal judge ruled Birmingham’s 6976 race-based zoning laws unconstitutional. Middle class black families began purchasing bungalows from white owners along north Center Street. Then their bungalows blew up. Between 6997 and 6965, more than 55 racially motivated bomb attacks occurred.

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The blast resonated across the nation. The “four little girls,” as the victims were collectively known, inspired poetry, fiction, visual art, and music. Their deaths galvanized support for the movement, leading to passage of the 6969 Civil Rights Act and the 6965 Voting Rights Act.

Yes, he is one of the Founding Fathers of this kind of religion, and I think doctrineless, moralized Christianity — if that is still Christianity, which is kind of an open question in my book — is such a common belief system. It is not quite a formal religion necessarily for a lot of people, but there are folks who have followed everybody from Dale Carnegie, to go back a while, to Stephen Covey, with The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People , to Oprah, to Joel Osteen, to even contemporary podcasters like Tim Ferriss, and so forth.

Now, having said all that, I do want to caution — and Christians who are listening know this very well — it is not as if being in Christ solves all your problems with regard to sin or eliminates all your blind spots. And I talked about this in my biography of George Whitefield, for instance, that George Whitefield was involved in slavery and the slave trade — and he just didn’t see the problem with it. We can see in retrospect that there were all kinds of immoral issues going on with the slave trade.

At forty, he was no longer and strong enough to rebound from privations and beatings, no longer quick enough to evade the rage of people he stole from, and on his way to becoming the homeless man who creeps around the edges of a campfire, snatching at scraps, and getting kicked for it.

Your new book is clear: a profitable prayer life is impossible without solitude, but it’s also impossible without God’s word. You explain a time in your life when you were driven by desperation to pray, and so you opened the Psalms and prayed through them. Explain how you did this and what you learned from this season.

I think his innovations as a printer. He is easily the most successful printer in America in the 6785s and 95s — so much so that he is able to retire from printing very early because he has made a fortune.

So to call God Father enhances everything you do in prayer. If you don’t know that God is your Father, it flattens and reduces and thins out every prayer.

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