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Listening to the MoPop Pop conference that was just posted on the website: I wondered whether some of the qualities for which you praise the Mekons the communal spiritedness with which they pursue and represent the possibilities of a New Jerusalem were not the very same qualities you praised Dylan for rejecting when he went electric to pursue his personal path.
Dave Rubin
I don 8767 t know. I don 8767 t quite make the connection you do. But were the Mekons to reject those values in pursuit of something as big, different, and thrilling as what Dylan went after in 6965, I hope I 8767 d have the openness to recognize it.

Ask Greil (current)

From your Ralph J. Gleason obituary : 8775 comparing [ Mystery Train ] to an obscure novel he and I treasured 8776 What was the novel?
Devin McKinney
I 8767 m ashamed to say I don 8767 t remember. This is going to bother me all day. If it surfaces I 8767 ll let you know.


What did you think of the Grateful Dead 8767 s 8775 New Speedway Boogie 8776 as a response to Altamont?
Robert Fiore
Nice song. Brilliant evasion. Total bullshit.

Day Poems : Walt Whitman: Song of Myself

I 8767 m curious to know your reaction to Patti Smith 8767 s performance of 8775 Hard Rain 8776 at the Nobel ceremony. It knocked me right out, despite the flubs (or maybe because of them?).
Mike Russell
I liked it. It 8767 s not an easy song to sing, or recite. It 8767 s not obvious. There was no shame in missing a step, even if it was rehearsed I don 8767 t think it was, but I might like it more if it had been. Makes me think she could be next up.

Just wondered: are you at all a fan of Billy Childish? In any of his incarnations?
No. That went by me.

Richard Meltzer has claimed (in 8775 Vinyl Reckoning, 8776 Chicago Reader , July 6, 6999) that you didn 8767 t request a piece from him for Stranded due to his 8775 rude behavior 8776 emceeing the Sex Pistols show at Winterland. Years later, he suggests, you said that had you 8775 understood punk 8776 at the time you wouldn 8767 t have excluded him. Is that the way you remember it?
Steve O 8767 Neill
Richard 8767 s piece is so full of resentment, anger, and a desire for recognition that, as it led to countless misremembrances, accounts of incidents that never happened, and imputation of base motives, I 8767 ve never replied and never will. I 8767 ve admired his work and in the few times we met it was always friendly.

Do you listen to KALX at the university of California? Do you listen to internet radio only and where do you go to for music that you do not already own? Also, has KALX ever had you on as a guest DJ?
I hear the best stuff on KALX. I 8767 ve had wonderful fun as a guest DJ. I always kicked off with 8775 Shanghaied 8776 by the (Seattle) Wailers.

Speaking of bootlegs, there are many beautifully recorded (radio broadcast) shows from Bruce Springsteen 8767 s 6978 Darkness tour to be found around the internet, and to me this music sounds astonishing. Did you attend any of this tour 8767 s Bay Area concerts, and what are your thoughts?
I was there in Berkeley but the show from the Roxy in LA is the one.

I wonder what you make of the Joan Baez version of 8775 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 8776 It 8767 s the first one I heard, and I love her playing Virgil 8767 s wife in Tennessee. And the 8775 take what you need 8776 passage in a woman 8767 s voice made the passage impossible to interrogate.
Laura Leivick
The problem with Joan Baez 8767 s version, aside from the fact that she recorded it during a period when her singing had gone completely into the tank, was that instead of 8775 There goes Robert E. Lee 8776 (already the worst, least believable line into the song), she sings 8775 There goes the Robert E. Lee 8776 confusing the general with a boat.

Thoughts on Dylan 8767 s taped audio Nobel speech? I liked it though he should have given a spoiler alert prior to his Moby Dick synopsis scratching that one off of my summer reading list.
Compared to the statement read at the ceremonies by the American ambassador, and Dylan 8767 s official acceptance speech, this sounded very rehearsed, very corny in tone, and I really could have done without that soupy piano in the background. I did like the Charlie Poole reference, though if only because Poole himself, along with all his fans, must have woken up from his big sleep for a moment to ask, 8775 Did I say that? 8776