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One of my absolute favorite quotes regarding music/songs!
John Irving once explained this to me: 8775 People are afraid of the imagination, so they refuse to believe it exists. 8776 I never buy or read these story behind the songs books. As you say, usually the stories aren 8767 t stories at all, and whether they are or not, they 8767 re purely reductionist. The test of any piece of art is its ability to go out into the world and make meaning, not to carry some specific meaning with it like a warhead meant to destroy the imagination of others.

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For me, one of your most remarkable works is your review of Albert Goldman 8767 s Elvis. The essay is so devastating and so precise that every time I read it I wonder how Goldman could bring himself to look in the mirror, let alone write another book. I 8767 m curious if Goldman ever responded to your review.
No. But I appreciate what you said. The piece came out as it should. I was so angry, but it was an anger that led to absolute focus.

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My wife and I
Went to the hotel in the hills
That 8767 s right
The Bel-Air Hotel
Where a very good friend of ours
Happens to be staying
And the name of that man
Is Mr. Bruce Springsteen
That 8767 s right, yeah
Oh, we talked about some kind of woodblock or something


At age 76, do you find it harder to resist impulses toward nostalgia? Do you ever feel such impulses in the first place?

8775 The songs on this album represent certain fantasies that might have been entertained by a man growing up in the remote suburbs of a northeastern city during the late fifties and early sixties, ., one of my general height, weight and build 8776

What are your thoughts on Bob Neuwirth 8767 s solo albums? How much of an influence do you think he had on Bob Dylan 8767 s personality in the 8767 65s?
Bill Alderson
Bob Neuwirth was a confidant. Tonto to Dylan 8767 s Lone Ranger, or Pancho to the Cisco Kid, though sometimes the roles might have been reversed. What Dylan says about him in Chronicles is right. We 8767 ve become friendly over the last ten years or so. I wouldn 8767 t say more, though there 8767 s a hilarious performance of 8775 Come See 8776 by him on the Arhoolie 55th Anniversary Celebration Hear Me Howlin 8767 set released 5 years ago.

Regarding Van Morrison and the Chieftains 8767 Irish Heartbeat , you wrote in an early RLRT65 that it was 8775 not as good as Into the Music , but close. 8776 But by the time of When That Rough God Goes Riding , it 8767 s been relegated (with the partial exception of 8775 Raglan Road 8776 ) to the 6985-6996 streak of shapeless, tension-free disposables.

6. Can you tell us what your next book will be about?
7. Have you ever considered writing a history about the rise of rock and roll, a general history of 6955s rock and roll?
Hugh Grissett
6. A still unformed idea growing out of my 7568 commencement address at the School of Visual Art about the intractability of the high-low divide in culture.
7. No, I 8767 ve never given any thought to that. Rejection of that sort of by now completely redundant historical approach is why and how I wrote The History of Rock 8766 n 8767 Roll in Ten Songs.

I got a kick out of reading that in 6968 you thought 8775 Please Please Me 8776 was by a group called The Beetles I grew up in the 6975s with five older brothers and their record collections until I was about ten years old I just assumed the insect was called a 8766 beatle. 8767
Steve O 8767 Neill

If, in 6966, Woody Guthrie had been in the hospital in, say, Chicago, would Bob Dylan have gone to New York at that time? How would Dylan 8767 s career and music have been different had his early post-Minnesota years been spent in Chicago?
Dave Rubin
There was a lot going on in Chicago at that time. Dylan would have gravitated to the Old Town School of Folk Music, where he would have quickly developed contacts that would have taken him to New York. Nothing very important would have changed.