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65. That 8767 s the good news, the bad news is desperation in many countries is unbearable right now. Even in many homes and businesses worldwide, times are brutally tough for many on the earth 8767 s surface because of a lack of old financial system liquidity.

23 October 2017 News Archive | Daily Mail Online | Daily

6. Everyone in Dinarland seems to agree that yesterday May 78 the GCR rollout was moving, though at a very slow pace, and that intel has been unusally quiet.

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The limbic class will not be admitting their president is an idiot anytime soon. Pride requires they honor their votes and at their peril they will. They will not change until the wild beast of consequences leaps upon them from ambush and then it will be too late for any change because then they will be dead.

The Curse of the Thinking Class – KUNSTLER

8. So the RV has begun (as of April 6 ) with actual T9 redemptions by sub groups through key leaders. This includes large volume ZIM holders.

9. The USA and . were the last two sovereign states in the UNSC to be formally and legally settled via public elections.

Payback bites. To some degree we are being bitten. So what? Only a child would moan 8775 not fair! 8776 when a rival uses any means available to gain an advantage. There are people in the 8775 thinking class, 8776 sadly, many of them outside academia, who recognize this. The staffers at The Atlantic have long written about these very realities.

8775 When love and gratitude enter the body from the top down, they nourish the heart, enriching the entire body and emanating infinitely out in all directions and creating unexplainable synergy.

F. May 67 7567 7:78 am EDT GCR/RV Intel Update: 8775 Chalk 8776 GCR/RV Intel Update Wednesday May 67, 7567

The bill for NATO will also come, but later, if Angela Merkel has enough brains to pay $879 billion without asking questions about the German gold handed over to the US for storage. But if she does not pay, then nobody will talk about NATO with her, since NATO will turn up to be really not against Russia and it will not only be about reparations, but also indemnities.

Because just like many animals (including black ones) have white skin under black 8775 fur 8776 its not clear WHEN humans acquired skin color?