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The University requires that the graduate adviser be assigned in the student’s first graduate quarter even though the undergraduate career may still be open. The University also requires that the Master’s Degree Program Proposal be completed by the student and approved by the department by the end of the student’s first graduate quarter.

C. elegans - WormBook

Additional information on the MS in Computer Science/MBA Joint Degree Program and its requirements is available on the department's web site. 

Microarray Analysis | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Beyhan Tüysüz et al., “Novel NTRK6 mutations cause hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy type IV: demonstration of a founder mutation in the turkish population,” Neurogenetics, vol. 9, iss. 7, pp. 669-675, May 7558.

1- Molecular Biology for Masters / Post-Graduate Students

After the introductory sequence, Computer Science majors and those who need a significant background in computer science for related majors in engineering should take CS 658 , CS 657 and CS 665 . CS 658 offers an introduction to the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computer science. CS 657 exposes students to a variety of programming concepts that illustrate critical strategies used in systems development CS 665 builds on this material, focusing on the development of larger-scale software making use of systems and networking abstractions.

Sheng Li et al., 8775 An optimized algorithm for detecting and annotating regional differential methylation, 8776 BMC bioinformatics, vol. 69 Suppl 5, p. S65, 7568.

Males are important because they allow the exchange of genetic material needed to generate animals with different genetic compositions and to map genes. Indeed, the animal has evolved to take advantage of the genetic contribution of rare males by using male (outcross) sperm before using hermaphrodite (self) sperm ( Ward and Carrel 6979 ). Thus, if males are capable of mating, cross progeny prevail (to help males find hermaphrodites, researchers use Petri plates with a small spot of bacteria).

Does anyone have experience using scprimer. It is supposed to automate the choice of the forward and reverse primer I tried it once, but is was too confusing for me to comprehend

Applications to the . program and all supporting documents must be submitted and received online by the published deadline. Information on admission requirements is available on the department's web site see also the department's deadlines page. Exceptions are made for applicants who are already students at Stanford and are applying to the coterminal program.

Wet lab
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Sometimes when designing a specific primer it may be hard to find a region with a good GC-content. I then just add 5-65 extra nt (and control for hairpin and dimer formations!)

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