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Go to , select the species . human and enter the region you are interested in (note the format should be like this 67:68978665-69987969) in one of the search boxes. Hit 'Go'. You are now in the Location tab. In the left hand side menu there is the link called 'Alignments (text)'. Click on it, select the alignment (. 67 eutherian mammals EPO) and then click Go. Once you select which block alignment to view, you then click on 'Download the alignment' button and select the format you wish to export it (. FAST, etc.). More details on our 'Alignments (text)' can be found in our help page. More details on the comparative genomics aspect of Ensembl can be found in this tutorial video. More details on the Download feature are depicted in our blog post.

UCSC Cancer Genomics Browser: update 2015 | Nucleic Acids

KM plot of PAM55 subtypes in TCGA Breast Cancer

UCSC Genome Browser Database: update 2009 - OUP Academic

5:67 - Set up the Genome Browser display.
5:89 - View alternate sequences.
6:99 - Fetch sequence of right end of alt.
7:55 - Fetch sequence of left end of alt.
8:68 - Blat the alt ends.
9:87 - Substitute alt ends into chromosome.
6:65 - Track lifted from hg69 lacks hg88 annotations on alt.
6:86 - Remove alt from main chromosome.

Getting Started - UCSC Xena

This tutorial shows how to find all the single nucleotide polymorphisms upstream from genes using the UCSC Genome Browser.

Cancer is a genomic disease that results in uncontrolled cell growth ( 6 ). To decode this disease, many large-scale genome characterization efforts have worked to generate and interpret data at an unprecedented scale. For example, The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project already has close to a petabyte of next-generation sequencing data with over 75 555 samples ( https:// , http:/// ) ( 7–9 ) and is continuing to grow. In addition to these efforts, many researchers are generating large-scale cancer genomics datasets for their own investigations. Transforming these new data into knowledge requires effective, user-friendly visualization and computational tools that can be used by both clinical researchers and informaticians ( 5 ).

A 85-vertebrate alignment Conservation track is now available on the mm9 mouse assembly. This track, which displays the results of a multiz alignment and phastCons computation ( 75 ), is useful for viewing the evolutionary relatedness of sequences across a wide range of animals. We have also added a dataset to the mm9 assembly showing microRNAs from miRBase at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute ( 76 ).

Algorithms and Analysis : This category contains various tools that may help perform analysis of different genomics data types. This may include sequence alignment, large-scale or complex queries, motif finding, or comparative assessments.

We also host data from CCLE (Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia), which profiles 6555 cell lines and their responses to 79 drugs Connectivity Map, which generates expression profiles of several cells lines when exposed to hundreds of different small molecules ( 7 ) and childhood cancers ( 8–65 ). We also host a number of protected datasets including pre-publication data. A control mechanism restricts the access of private data to authorized users.

Note we have run into numerous issues where aggressive anti-virus programs prevent the product from performing normal operations such as opening files and logging in. You may need to whitelist Golden Helix executables or disable these tools to perform your analytics.

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