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Steve Rodgers is an interesting exercise in contrasts. By any stretch of the imagination, Rogers is someone who benefits from the traditional ideas of masculinity. He 8767 s a bad-ass soldier, a leader of men, a 6 8767 7 blonde  ubermensch with abs like whoah and a butt like phwoar.  His upper torso looks like a damn Dorito standing on its point.

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They say history is written by the winners (and it is) but it s also written by the rich. One thing that interests me about the rise of modern technology is that information is captured so quickly, disseminated so widely, and archived so readily that we might be getting to a point in history where our records are more accurate and non-biased. Not that we re there yet, hell no, but maybe.

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We re still trying to get the website together but you can find Mr Cross on Facebook. https:///mrcrossnuclearbombshell

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Honestly, if the memoirs I ve read of folks growing up in NYC at the time period were anything to go by, there was plenty of pressure on the guys to be seen as sexually active. (Not the girls, of course).

Hell, if you want to make it easy, they could have moved Black Panther up a few years on the schedule.

I m not sure where you getting the only one who believed in her since I m pretty sure Jarvis and Howard Stark were on Team Peggy long before Sousa was.

Whenever people start whinging about the Good Old Days, I generally point out that those days meant no air conditioning, if you had any major health issues you probably wouldn t survive, there was no FDA so the food you ate was quite probably contaminated and indoor plumbing didn t become standard in rural ares till the late 6985s.

Of course, it seems a little ridiculous that Captain fucking America couldn 8767 t get a date, no? I mean, sure he 8767 s got no game to speak of

It s why I stopped reading reviews entirely and switched to video capture reviews (before it was a youtube career, apparently!) with people whose general likes align with mine.

What s funny is I see it as exactly the opposite. In the 85s when Cap was growing up (let s take a moment to remember that his formative years were in Great Depression New York, not WWII), muscle power meant a lot to your job. Steve was never going to work in the Ford plant or on a farm like a real man. Today, a scrawny hero has a lot more options for making a difference both in the job market and society as a whole. Steve s a leader, an organizer and a tactician who cares about his fellow man. Give that man Facebook and he ll give you a march on Washington.