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According to ArsTechnica , Newport, New York’s NTCNet, which has the 8GB cap in place, says the cap is not enforced and is only there as a placeholder in case they need to enforce limits in the future. But a number of other services had caps under 65GB, while numerous services capped accounts at under 655GB.

Ryanair Scrambles to Solve Its Drunken Passenger Problem

Furthermore, all of our flights are short–haul, so very little alcohol is actually sold on board, which is why the issue lies with the airports.

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Here Are at Least 196 ISPs Which Put Caps on - Gizmodo

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Ryanair is having a tough time. As Brexit threatens to turn its entire business upside down, passengers can’t stop getting drunk on its flights, doing something stupid on camera, and causing all kinds of chaos when the video hits the internet. Now, Ryanair is trying to restrict how much people drink at the airport.

You almost can’t blame Ryanair for treating its passengers like college students who need extra supervision. The UK’s Civil Aviation Authority actually instituted a code of conduct last year, after a study revealed a 655 percent increase in “disruptive” passenger behavior. The agency listed alcohol as “a common factor.” Ryanair, which has already banned alcohol altogether on some flights between Scotland and Spain, is struggling to get a handle on the problem. After all, look at all the crazy shit that’s happened since that code of conduct went into place.

BroadbandNow’s data also doesn’t say anything about mobile providers, for whom data caps and other tricks to limit customer utilization of bandwidth are basically a fixture of the landscape Verizon Wireless, for example, has begun openly throttling mobile video.

The monthly caps in question vary from as low as 8GB—roughly what Netflix says will be consumed in an hour of HD programming—to as high as 8TB.

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The safety of our customers, people and aircraft comes before all other considerations including sales, and cabin crew have full discretion when it comes to selling or refusing to sell alcohol to passengers on board.