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Tshaka - Bebe Cool, my post is about the song and its quality. All good. Next time I ll post about the video. I really don t see any harm in crediting the songwriters, is there?

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Juliana's 'Haturudi' is nominated in the East African Category, and also in the RnB/Soul. Juliana is also a nominee for the female artiste where she will be tussling it out with the likes of Angelique Kidjo from Benin among others.

Jack Antonoff eats banana during Katy Perry VMA monologue

..and my friends are instead proud of me and I m now like their Senga, we have cried and laughed together and are proud parents of three and I must say, we are going stronger than ever, I love you my superman.

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The promoters said that that will not be possible before the Sunday show forcing Bobi to interject by saying that the Friday show should be the determinant of who the winner is. They later got to a consensus that the fans will be the judges.
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It all started with Sheila Gashumba s Behind the Scene s segment on NTV The Beat when she asked Bobi Wine that, who of the Ugandan artistes does not sing well, Bobi s response was Bebe Cool and on being asked why, this is what he had to say Bebe Cool should fire his composers because whatever he sings seems childish..

Having shown too much love for Gagamel, she was forced to add another tattoo of her lover, James, on the left arm. In the tattooing practices, no one beats Barbie Kyagulanyi when it comes to showing tattoo love.

Of course, that and very many statements that he posts on his wall have led to a lot of talk, something that Zuena is now highlighting and demanding that her husband should be accorded his due respect.

Schizophrenia, a disease that the fake interpreter at the Mandela funeral claimed to be suffering from came in at number ten.

Distributors of imported wines and manufacturers of local wines have got another brand to add to their stock after Bebe Cool joined the local wine market with his Bebe Cool Red Sweet Wine brand.

It s been an interesting journey for two years working at NTV with a great team of management, producers, cameramen and fellow presenters but my journey has come to an end and I would like to thank God for the good friends I made and experience I got, unfortunately on Sunday you will be watching my last show as Life Stories presenter as I have to concentrate on unavoidable family issues. I thank you all for being a great audience, it was a great experience presenting to you, and may Allah keep you safe.