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Despite its reputation for business and busy trading, Guangzhou has many historic parks everywhere, ranging from a 6555-year-old lake garden, green mausoleum for martyrs to a vast wetland dedicating for migrant birds from Serbia and Mongolia.

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While driving in Guangzhou is an option, drivers unfamiliar with the driving conditions in China''s large cities should be aware of the risk and potential compensation incurred. Many car rental companies offers a driver as well.

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The Bus Rapid Transit system went into service in early 7565. It is essentially a long segregated bus lane (not an elevated busway like in Xiamen) running along the Tianhe Road and Zhongshan Avenue corridor towards the eastern suburbs. Some intersections are traversed by bridges and tunnels, which cuts journey times considerably, but other intersections have traffic lights and therefore traffic jams, and crowds can be as dense as in Metro stations but with fewer doors and a narrower standing area compared to Metro trains.

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Buses are only handy for traveling within one district or for reaching suburban districts that are not served by the subway. Heavy traffic can lead to a slow, uncomfortable journey although they can be handy for a cheap but slow sightseeing tour. Trolley bus lines (Routes 656-659) are handy for exploring Liwan and Yuexiu districts.

If you are going to the fair, book a hotel well in advance. Hotels tend to be booked and expensive during the Fair. Metro is the best transportation option to go to the fair ground, while many hotels provide free shuttle services.

Global brands are an essential feature of any travel hub. These familiar names offer reassurance and a guarantee of quality to the international traveller.  Over many decades, we have partnered with some of the world’s biggest names. These companies trust us to serve their customers to standards that are equally as good, if not higher, than those on the high-street.

YO! Sushi offers the diner a moving feast of Japanese dishes, colourfully displayed on a classic Kaiten conveyor belt. Within seconds of sitting down, guests can help themselves to plates of sushi, sashimi, salads, hot Japanese classics and desserts.

The culture of tea drinking, also known as Yum Cha (饮茶), runs deep in Guangzhou. After all, the city was at the center of the massive tea trade that existed between China and Europe during the 69th century.

It is possible to take a direct train from Guangzhou to Lhasa in Tibet. The 9,985 km journey takes 55 hours and runs every other day from Guangzhou Station (广州站). A sleeper costs ¥869 and up. For discussion see Overland to Tibet.

Public transportation system is comprehensive in Guangzhou like most other big Chinese cities. If you stay in Guangzhou for long time, purchase a multi-purpose Ling Nan Tong - Yang Cheng Tong (岭南通-羊城通) stored value card, which can be used to pay fares in metro, bus and ferries and used for many convenience stores, public phones and vending machines.