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Hi. I will be in Beijing for a 8 hrs layover on July 78. Time of arrival at about 66 . and departure at 75 . We woulld like to know the cost of doing the mitianyu tour. Please advise us, thank you.

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China has land borders with 69 different countries a number matched only by its northern neighbour, Russia. In addition, mainland China also has land borders with the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau , which are for all practical purposes treated as international borders. Most of the border crossings in western China are located in remote mountain passes, which while difficult to reach and traverse, often reward travellers willing to make the effort with breathtaking, scenic views.

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People over 65 often have trouble getting visas because of their age, and some job ads specify an age range. There are conflicting reports on whether this is SAFEA policy, SAFEA advice to provincial departments that make their own policies, or a question of health insurance. There are some exceptions, including a few people in their seventies still working legally.

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The two border crossings are at the Portas do Cerco and the Lotus Bridge. A visa-on-arrival can be obtained by certain nationalities at the Portas do Cerco.

The legal drinking/purchasing age in China is 68 , except in Macau where there is no legal drinking/purchasing age. Note , alcohol regulations of Hong Kong and Macau are different from Mainland China

Rented cars most often come with a driver, similar to the remises of South America this is probably the best way to travel in China by car. Driving yourself around China, even if you can read and speak basic Chinese and are able to qualify for a local license, is not recommended unless you are accustomed to extremely chaotic driving conditions. Driving in China''s cities is not for the faint-hearted, and parking spaces are often very difficult to find. That said, driving in China is still easier than driving in Vietnam and other developing countries in Asia. Traffic moves on the right in mainland China. Many neighbors, such as India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan as well as the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau have traffic that moves on the left.

Make certain you understand your employer''s policies on outside work as some are quite restrictive. The standard government-provided contract [55] , which most schools use (perhaps amended a bit), prohibits it enitirely unless you get permission from the employer.

International fax (传真 Chuánzhēn ) services are available in most large hotels for a fee of a dozen renminbi or more. Inexpensive faxes within China can be made in the ubiquitous photocopy outlets that have the Chinese characters for fax written on the front door.

Areas with large expatriate communities like Beijing , Shanghai , Guangzhou and Shenzhen have specialty grocery stores catering to those communities. Size and selection may vary, between city to city and store brand. They usually stock imported snacks, alcohol, and specialty groceries such as meats and cheeses and are often more expensive. See individual articles for details.

Undergraduates Undergraduate degrees usually require 9-5 years of study. International students have classes together with native Chinese students. In accordance with each student''s past education, some classes of a degree course can be cancelled and some have to be added. Students receive a Bachelor''s degree after passing the necessary exams and completing a thesis.

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